Can I add serial numbers to my inventory?

We support Serialized Inventory

This is a feature that allows you to track unique serial numbers for individual products, and attached to that serial number will be the date it was purchased, the vendor, the Purchase Order, and then all the history that the product has in our system. 

Start by heading to a Product in your Inventory Checking the 'Serialized' checkbox on an item, or make a new item and check Serialized.

Once you have checked the box, there is a button you can click to add serial numbers if you want to manually start out with entering your quantity on hand. This is only available when you first make the product Serialized.

Be sure to hit save at the bottom of the product detail once you added the serial numbers.

Once a serialized product is created, the QTY will be non-editable on the inventory list page;

To view serials scroll down to Product instances, there you will be able to see all serials and their details

If you want to increase the quantity, just make a purchase order.

When the purchase order status is changed to "Check-In" - these will automatically be added to your inventory, even though the purchase order has not been finalized. You'll then be able to scan in the serial numbers for all the products that arrived.

At this point you CAN scan fewer than the total ordered, it will only increase the quantity by the number of serials you scan in.

scan screen

Once these products are in your inventory, add them to a line item just like any other product - but these will require you to put a serial number on the line item before you can proceed.

Notice the quantity says 0 until you select which serial you have sold;

Here it is after we select a serial;

More coming soon - stay tuned on this feature


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