Can I create an attachment on a Ticket?

Ticket Attachments can be used to keep necessary files for that Ticket close at hand and available for every technician that does work on that Ticket. You can also attach that image of the liquid damaged laptop the customer promised wasn't the cause of the lack of power to their Customer Portal for posterity.


You can add an attachment to a Ticket by navigating to the Ticket Details page and clicking: Actions > Add Attachment

This will show a pop-up box allowing you to select a file to add to the Ticket. You can add images multiple ways with the default being a local file on your computer:

When the file is added to the Ticket, you will be able to scroll down the Ticket Details page to see the attachment in the "Additional Details" box:

Attachments can be made public or private. Once the attachment is attached to the ticket you can send it via email by clicking on the attachment drop-down just below the Public Ticket Comment

Things to note:

- After an attachment is set to "public", a customer can view the attachment on their ticket when they log into the Customer Portal. If the attachment is "private", the attachment will not be shown in the Customer Portal. 

- You can add an attachment to an existing ticket by emailing it in. To do this, put "TICKET:#" (without the quotes, and with your actual ticket number replacing '#') as the very first part of your subject, and send the email into your Mailbox or Default Inbound Alias. Any attachments on that email will get attached to the ticket. 
The word 'TICKET' must be in all caps immediately followed by a colon and the ticket number

- You can also send a regular email into your account email and any attachments on the email will turn into attachments on the Lead/Ticket. 

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