How does the RepairShopr Field Jobs module work?

The Calendar module is where your created appointments will be displayed.


The calendar module can be accessed by clicking on the "Calendar" tab along the top of your screen: 

Once there, you can click the "Toggle View" button in the top right to change the view to a horizontal view that doesn't have the appointment sidebar, and gives you options to only view appointments assigned to a specific User Account:

There is also an option to view the calendar with no sidebars, headers, or footers. This can be used on a larger public monitor that is set to full screen to display the calendar and the appointments to everyone in the office. You can access this view by adding "/calendar" to the end of your URL when you first click the calendar tab.
For example, your URL would look like this: (where XX is replaced with your subdomain)

How to create an appointment from the Calendar:

You can create an appointment straight from the calendar by filling out the "Schedule Appointment" sidebar on the right side of the calendar, shown here:

Select a ticket to schedule or re-schedule: Select an open ticket from the drop-down to assign this appointment to the chosen ticket

Subject: Fill in the Subject of the appointment. This will be displayed on the calendar itself and sent to your technicians if they have a Notification Set that emails them when an appointment is created (more on this later).

Description: Fill in the Description of the appointment. This is added to the description of the appointment which you can see by clicking on the appointment from the ticket.

Appointment type: Select the type of appointment this will be from this drop-down menu. This sets the type of appointment and drives which email is sent out to your customers, as well as auto-fills the Location field. You can read more about the different types of appointments and what they can be configured to do in our appointments article here.  

Location: Fill in the location for the appointment and it will set the location for the appointment and populate the {{appointment_location}} tag in your appointment email templates.

Appointment Time: Select the time that the appointment will start, and it will add the appointment at this time to the calendar.

Length of Time Slider: Drag this to control how long the appointment will last. 

Attendees: Select all of the technicians that will be attending this appointment, and it will add one appointment to each of their calendars. 

Appointment Owner: Selecting an account here will choose an owner for this appointment.

Don't Email: Check this box to not send an appointment email to the customer on the ticket. 
You can modify the appointment email that is sent out by navigating to: Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates. Once there you'll see the 'Ticket Appointment Email' and 'Non-Ticket Appointment Email', which you can modify to adjust the email that is sent when this box is unchecked.

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