Autotask Importer


The Autotask Importer will bring over your data from Autotask to RepairShopr as historical data, and you will be able to view the info in your RepairShopr account. 

The importer is currently in beta, and you will need to enter in your Autotask credentials to import your data. We do not store these credentials, and they will need to be entered any time the tool is used. 

This tool will import your data based on the company name. It will create duplicates if the data is not an exact match, so it is recommended to not run this tool if you already have Customer data in RepairShopr. 

How to Use:

You can get started by navigating to: Admin > Integrations > App Center > Autotask Importer "App Card". Once there you will see the App Card where you can enter your Username and Password like so: 

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