Rework Tickets

Rework Tickets are Tickets that you have finished working on but need to re-open for additional work. You can create a Rework Ticket and RepairShopr will create a separate Ticket from the Original for better tracking. 

How to use:

You can find all of your existing Rework Tickets by navigating to: Admin > Reports > Tickets > Rework Tickets. 

To create a new Rework Ticket, navigate to a Resolved Ticket and select: New > Rework.

When you select this option, a new Ticket will be created from the original with "Rework" added to the subject. You will also see a pop-up that will allow you to choose to return the original line items on the Ticket. These line items will only show up if they were added to the previous ticket through the Add/View Charges as opposed to adding charges from an invoice.

It is also important to note that you only do this one time. After selecting the quantity of products to return the product will be added to a new RMA in the Returns Manager. If you complete the previous step more than once, multiple products will be added to the Returns Manager and can cause issues with your product quantity.

If you choose to return them, they will be added to the Ticket Charges of the Rework Ticket with an anchor icon and a price of $0:

When the Rework Ticket is created, the previous Ticket comments will be added to the initial Private Comment, as shown here: 

You can also access the original Ticket and the original line items by clicking on the links in the "Ticket Info" box on the left: 

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