Intake Form

Intake Form

To start, go to Admin > Tickets > Preferences, and then enable the Intake Form setting:

Then, go to Admin > PDF/Email Templates to see the  Intake Form Template. Click it to customize the Terms that your Customers will agree to after Ticket Creation:

That's it! After that your Customers will sign to agree to your Terms (which will be in the Terms field below) after Ticket creation, before any work is done:

Scrolling down the screen, you will be able to add Ticket Worksheets for more customization. You can even add the Ticket Worksheets tag on the template to include them in a email or print out. Other tags can be found in the template editor. -- 

Finally, you can have your Terms displayed and at the bottom capture a signature from the customer. See our Supported Hardware KB article to see compatible signature pads.

You can reference all signed Intake Forms by going to their associated Ticket:

The Intake Form can be printed from the Ticket Detail page by clicking the PDF button or if you are using AutoPrintr or Cloud Print by clicking the Print button.

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