Customer Purchases

Customer Purchases



Customer Purchases allows you to buy devices from Customers, and then track the Item's status if any refurbishing is needed before adding it to your Inventory as a ready-to-sell Item.


How to make a customer purchase:

First, you'll need to enable Purchasing from the public, in Admin > Settings > Inventory Settings

Once that is enabled, you'll have a new Purchase Receipt Template in Admin > Templates:

These Receipts are meant to store the details of what you bought, plus the identification of the person you bought it from - and give you an easy receipt to hand them.

After enabling Customer Purchases, you'll be able to access it in Invoices > Customer Purchases:

From there, you can create a new Purchase, or Modify existing ones.

To create a new Purchase, you'll need to begin by finding or creating a new Customer.

After doing so, you'll be taken to the new Purchase screen.

At the top, you'll find the Purchase Details, including basic Customer information including their ID number. You can also set the Status of the Purchase, add General Notes, and Attach a File. Attaching a file is often used if you'd like to keep an image of the Customer's ID, or an Image of the original device on record:

Below Purchase Details, you'll see Purchase Items. This is where the Items/devices will appear when you add them as you'll find below. 


You can add two types of Purchase items.

  • Items already part of your inventory, for instance, if you sold something to your customer and now your buying back that second-hand item. (Left)
  • Items that were not yet part of your inventory (Right)

After adding the item(s) to the Customer Purchase, you'll have the ability to add notes in the Comments/Notes field and see the history of your notes in the Log to the right. Notes are intended to be used along with the Status drop-down, for tracking the progress of the device before it is added back to your Inventory.

Once you're finished adding the items, you can generate a PDF of the purchase, and Pay Out:

You'll then be taken to the Take Payment screen where you can define the payment method:

* If you have a Payment Method of type 'Store Credit', you can record the purchase as a credit to that Customer for later use on Invoices.

That's it! You have now taken payment and can either immediately add the Item to your Inventory, or use the Status to move the device through refurbishing before it is ready to sell:


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