Business Hours (Holiday Calendar)

Business Hours (Hours of operation, Open Hours, Holiday Calendar)



What it Does:

Allows you to set the Hours of Operation for your business
Choose Holidays that you are closed


What it Doesn't Do:

Doesn't speed the year up in terms of actual time travel
Doesn't keep your clients from starting fires at 5pm



Table of Contents
Holiday Calendar
What the customer sees
Business Hours Auto-Responder in Mailboxes




Business Hours enable you to set the open hours of your company inside of RepairShopr. The Business Hours then can be used in several areas of the platform to change how you communicate with your Users.

To get started, head to Admin > Business Hours


Next to enable Business Hours -- Click Enable (you will need to hit Save to keep finish activating). From the same page you can select by the hour and day what your operating hours are and optionally, choose from a selection of pre-populated regional holiday lists.


Holiday Calendar

The Business Hours feature allows you to set days where you will be closed and don't want customers scheduling appointments or certain communications going out to them. On the main Business Hours page, you can choose a defaault Holiday Calendar to pre-populate holidays from some regions. You can of course add as many or as few as you want to the Holiday Calendar as well.


Once you have the Holiday Calendar set up, that's largely it for configuration! Let''s cover some places that Business Hours touches beyond the settings page.


What the Customer sees on your Appointment Calendars, Custom Widgets or Booking Tool


When you have time set as closed in the Business Hours, customers won't be able to book time during those periods. They will see those days grayed/crossed out as closed.


Note: Users can still book time on the calendar during closed days if needed.


Other places that Business Hours touches

The Business Calendar ties in to a few other places in the App. There is a setting in Ticket Preferences to only send SMS during business hours. Head to the Ticket Preferences KB to learn more about.

Ticket Preferences KB


Business Hours Auto-Responder and After Hours Auto-Responder in Mailboxes

There is a a setting in the Mailbox feature that will turn on a new Auto-Responder that will look at the Business Hours and send a different template according to if you are open or closed. Head to your Active Mailbox and you will see a new Check Box feature to turn on.

Next click on the Advanced button and you will see the new templates displayed here.



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