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Multiple Tickets on an Invoice


Do a ton of work for a customer or client during the month and only want to have a single invoice? You're in the right place. You can either manually create an invoice or create automated recurring invoices that pull in all unbilled charges.

What it does

You can easily and quickly add multiple ticket charges to a single invoice to make billing easy.

What it doesn't do

Currently the invoice will only link back to a ticket if it was created from one ticket. It will not link back to multiple tickets.

Manually create an invoice

It starts with tickets for a customer with uninvoiced charges on them.

Scroll down to the INVOICES section and click New. In the LINE ITEMS section you will see "Pending Ticket Charges" listing all charges on tickets you have not invoiced.

You can either click the Add to Invoice button by whichever charges you want to add or click Add all.

After you choose your Add option, the screen will refresh and the charge(s) will be added to the invoice. The Ticket number(s) will be reflected in the description of the line item to help differentiate the line items on the invoice.

Removing a ticket line item will move it back to the Pending Ticket Charges.

Once the charges have been added to the Invoice, if you head back to the ticket and click the Add/View Charges button, the line items there will reflect that they were added to an invoice.

Automatic Pending Ticket Charges Collection

You can also set up a Recurring Invoice to automatically collect any Pending Ticket Charges for a Customer and generate an Invoice for them. This is ideal when you generate several tickets for a customer throughout the month but only want to invoice them monthly.

  1. Navigate to Invoices.
  2. In the upper right, click Invoice Modules > Recurring Invoices.
  3. Click New Schedule.
  4. Select the desired customer and click Proceed.
  5. Fill in the desired fields.
  6. In the lower right, click the Add any pending Ticket charges checkbox.
  7. You may want to click the Ticket Status dropdown and select only certain statuses.
  8. Make any other selections and click Create Schedule.

Checking that box and saving that Recurring Invoice will cause the Invoice to collect all Pending Ticket Charges for that customer and apply it to the Invoice every time it is generated. This means you can set the Recurring Invoice to 'Monthly' and have it generate a monthly Invoice of all Pending Ticket Charges for that customer automatically.

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