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How can I open the cash drawer / till from RepairShopr?

Because the software is browser-based, we rely on your receipt printer (or any other printer that supports a cash drawer) to drive the functionality of the cash drawer or till.

This means that you can configure your printer to that any time a receipt print request is sent (for instance, through our AutoPrintr automated printing), your drawer will be triggered as well.

Here's an example of how to set the drawer settings in Windows on a TSP100:

You print driver documentation should provide details on how this works for your specific model.

New Method to open drawer:

1. Install AutoPrintr -
2. Make sure you have a cash register setup. You can set that up by going to Admin > cash registers.
3. This creates the Pop Drawer button the POS Module (Note - It will ONLY be there if you have AutoPrintr installed).

4. Click "Pop Drawer" button to open up the drawer.
5. If necessary, now go back to Z-Reports and make changes or audit. 

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