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Star TSP100 Printer Setup

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Using a Cash Drawer
Using with Google Cloud Print



We have had success getting users' Star TSP100 series printers (including the TSP143III USB and LAN models) set up in Windows, but we haven't fully tested this yet with any other Star printer models.

  1. Download the Star TSP100 driver and follow the installation steps.
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Devices and Printers.
  3. Right-click on the Star TSP100 to reach Printer Preferences.
  4. In the Layout tab, click the Advanced button.
  5. Select paper size 72mm X 200mm, and click Apply.


Using a Cash Drawer with the Star TSP100

For information on setting up a cash drawer with this model of Star printer, check out Setting up your Cash Drawer for PC, Mac or iPad.

How to open the cash drawer / till in RepairShopr has information about automatically doing that when printing a receipt.

You may also find Troubleshooting issues with the Cash Drawer helpful if the cash drawer does not open or clicks continuously.



If you have the TSP 100 LAN, a user has provided the following advice:

"If anyone else asks about the Star TSP100 LAN, let them know they have to get the IP address of the receipt printer by powering the machine down, holding down the “feed” button, powering the device back on while holding the feed button for 5 seconds and then releasing. Once that is done, open system preferences, add printer, and enter the IP address. Drop down the menu bar for STAR TSP100 cutter as the setting. (This is for Macs since I didn't find any info on the site.)"



A user (shout out to UberMac) provided the following solution whose receipts that were coming out of his printer faded, small, and only filling up about 50% of the receipt width. It turns out the invoice disclaimer was causing the problem, and removing it fixed it.

  1. Navigate to Admin > PDF/Email Templates.
  2. Click Invoice Template.
  3. Click the Receipt Disclaimer tab.
  4. Completely delete all text in the editor.
  5. Click Update Template.


Using with Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print has been deprecated, but we list the following info in case it is useful for other setups.

We have recently discovered that you may be able to get your Star TSP100 printer to work with our software and Google Cloud Print by setting it up with the following settings:

"Top Crop" = 1400-1450, depending on your preference:

Paper = 72xReceipt length (Google Cloud Print default)
Advanced Printing Features = Disabled

Another Option:
"Friction Media" = letter (under device settings tab in printer properties)
Default Paper Size = 72x200 (under advanced settings tab in printer properties)

Please note that while we have had luck getting users' Star TSP100 printers set up in this way, we haven't fully tested this yet with any other models of Star printers.

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