What emails does RepairShopr send out and when?

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but hopefully we can keep it mostly up to date :)

Ticket Comment Emails

When you publicly comment on a Ticket, an email will be built like this
  • TO: Customer Email and Additional Emails unless you have checked 'NO EMAIL'
  • BCC: The technician that is assigned the ticket (unless it's you)
  • FROM: Inbound Email Alias, Admin > Tickets, Preferences
*These will not appear in the communication log as emailed

Note: When a customer replies to a Ticket Comment, if you hover over the reply bubble in the upper right of the comment box, it will show the address of the person who replied. (This is handy when there are multiple people in the Ticket conversation via Additional CC's)

When you make a 'private comment' on a Ticket, it looks like this
  • TO: Private Staff Email, Admin > Tickets > Preferences.

Field Job Emails

When you schedule a field job it sends an email (from the field jobs page or new ticket page)
  • TO: Customer and additional emails
  • CC: The tech that was scheduled
  • BCC: Private Staff Email,  Admin > Tickets > Preferences.
*These are controlled via the 'Do Not Email' checkbox on the new ticket form, so if you set the new ticket to 'not email' the initial problem - it will not email the Field Job email

Invoice/Estimate Email

The invoice goes to the customer notification email, and CC's the Private Staff Email, Admin > Tickets > Preferences.

Please note that the invoice/estimate will not be emailed to the customer contact selected on the invoice/estimate. It will ONLY be sent to the main customer and to the invoice CC email.

Admin Notify Emails

These are sent for things like error messages and some alerts, they are sent rarely, from multiple triggers in the app. The admin notification email address can be found under Admin > General Preferences.

Lead Notification

When you get a new lead, we will send a notification to this email address instantly. This can be set up under Admin > Leads > Preferences.

User Notifications

You can set up many notifications to be sent to admins and technicians for ticket creation, ticket assignment, invoice and estimate creation, etc. This article explains the process.

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