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Customer Custom Fields

You can add custom fields that show up in all customer records. Things like the type of customer (residential or business), their website URL, or simply notes. You can also add custom fields for tickets.

Table of Contents

Add or edit custom fields
Populate a customer's custom fields
Filter by custom fields


Add or edit custom fields

  1. Go to More > Admin > Customers - Customer Custom Fields.
  2. In the upper right, click New Field (or click Edit by an existing field).

  3. Give the field a Name. Special characters such as / and ? are not allowed.
    Important: If you edit an existing custom field, do not change its Name, because if you do, the data already contained in the field for customers previously will no longer show. If you already did that, worry not—going back to the original name will cause the data to return.
  4. Select the Field type from the dropdown.

    • Text Field: A simple text field, such as the Name field on this page.
    • Check Box: Default state is turned off (unchecked).
    • Drop Down: (as seen in the above screenshot) After selecting, click Add Answer, enter a value to be selected. You can optionally click the down arrow button on the right and select an icon to be displayed by the customer's name in their profile, Customers screen and other screens with customer names, such as Tickets (see Customer Badges for more info). Repeat for as many entries in the drop down as needed.
    • Web Link: Will be displayed as a clickable link.
    • Text Area: A multi-line text field that can display more data than a Text Field.
    • Date Field: Lets one type a date or pick one from a popup date picker.
    • Secret (encrypted): This field is tied to the Password Vault integration.
    • Popup: Will display a pop-up message when someone visits the Customer Detail page the first time.
    • Scribble: A field in which one can draw. This is great for customer signatures (for verification).
  5. Click Create Customer Field.


Populate a customer's custom fields

When you open a customer's profile, you will see a Custom Fields section with those fields and any values in them. To the right of the Custom Fields header, click Edit to change any of the values.

Note the icon next to the customer's name—this came from setting it for the Customer Type drop down as shown in the section above.

If you edit the customer or add a new one, click the Custom Fields tab to populate the custom fields. Make sure to click Save Changes after making updates.

You can bulk update the custom fields via a CSV export and import. See our Bulk Updating Customers article for more info.


Filter by custom fields

You can create a saved customer search and filter by custom fields.

Once you have done that, you can then use one of those saved searches in, say, a Marketr Campaign. Perhaps you are running a sale for your commercial customers. Just select the Saved Customer Search, then send a targeted email blast to them through Marketr.

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