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Open Invoice Reminders

Open Invoice Reminders allows you to send automated reminders for open invoices based on the invoice aging. To set these up, head to Admin > Invoices - Open Invoice Reminders.

Then, in the upper right click New Open Invoice Reminder. Here, you can set up a powerful new Invoice Reminder.

  1. Give it a Name.
  2. Set the Schedule mode, After N Days or For Every n Day of Month.
    1. After n Days: Will just send one time per invoice per 'reminder', when the invoice is that old. You could create one of these messages for 30 days, one for 60, and one for 90 for example, with different messages. If you are setting this up when you already have people 90+ days past due, they will get duplicates - but once this is setup that shouldn't happen with invoices going forward.
    2. Every n Day of Month: Will send that same reminder message every month while the invoice is overdue (past N days). So, you could just have it send a reminder every 1st of the month to "every invoice that is more than 30 days" overdue. It doesn't allow you to change the messaging like the other type of reminder, but it does give you a different way of sending them.
  3. For overdue invoices, decide which ones you want to notify customers about by filling in Overdue N Days. For example, entering 15 will notify customers with invoices that are overdue by 15 days or more.
  4. You can set a CC email so you can copy yourself to see how the system is working
  5. The Email message can accept HTML formatting, but keep it pretty simple - this will be inside your fancy HTML email wrapper template, and it will have the invoice attached automatically as a PDF.
  6. Once you have finished setting it up, click Create Open invoice reminder.

Open invoice reminders are scheduled to run daily at 8:00 am Pacific time. The subject line of your open invoice reminder email will adopt the following format:

  • [Business Name Here] - Open Invoice Reminder inv# XXXXXX

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