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QuickBooks Stale Object Error

Stale Object Error: QuickBooks version has an unrecognized updated to this resource. Try re-syncing.

This error happens when an object (customer, products, invoices, payments) version instance does not match the version instance number held in RepairShopr (RS). To fix this,

  1. In RS, navigate to Admin > App Center.
  2. Scroll down to the QuickBooks card and click the QuickBooks Desktop/Online button.
  3. Click green Sync Settings button.
  4. Click Force Update under the error to re-sync and fix it.

Longer explanation

The reason this error happens is because QuickBooks Online (QBO) keeps track of objects, like customers and invoices, and has a version number for each. When RS syncs an object to QBO, it increases the version number and tracks it. When a change is made to an object in RS, it re-syncs to QBO and sends the last known version number. If it doesn't match what QBO has, you get this error. Usually this means that somebody manually changed it in QBO, or you have another integration set up with QBO that is modifying your data. The integration is set up so that RS database is the single "source of truth."

So if RS encounters a discrepancy between its data and QBO, it shows the error to indicate that there are unknown changes to this object in QBO. Clicking the Force Update button will re-sync and overwrite any changes it doesn't know about. It will usually make the error go away, but it might not be what you actually want.

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