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Glossary of QuickBooks API Errors

These are some of the errors that the Intuit API will give us.

Note - Before you look into anything like a connection error, or general error, you can see if Intuit's systems are down here:

Area/Entity Subject/Message Details
General Stale Object Error: QuickBooks version has an unrecognized updated to this resource. This error happens when an object (customer, products, invoices, payments) has been changed in QuickBooks but not in RepairShopr. Always make changes in RepairShopr and sync to make the change in QuickBooks. Use the force update button to change the object in QuickBooks to match what is in RepairShopr. 
General Unexpected Internal Error. (-30000) An error in the QuickBooks API. Try recreating the document in QuickBooks Web UI and let us know if you can identify the blocking issue.
General QBWC errors regarding the .qwc file Force RepairShopr to create a new qwc files from here: (where is your subdomain)
Customer Another $$customer$$ is already using this Yes, Quickbooks requires unique names.
Customer sdk NAME must be unique in QB! name = Yes, Quickbooks requires unique names.
Customer Actual QuickBooks Error: statusCode=3170 statusMessage=There was an error when modifying a Customers list, element "800068EE-1548258840". QuickBooks error message: Cannot merge list elements. This means that there is a duplicate customer record or change was made to the customer. You need to merge the customer records in QuickBooks and then re-map the customer inside RepairShopr.
Invoice Actual Quickbooks Error: There was an error when converting the quantity "1.0" in the field "item quantity". QuickBooks error message: You cannot set the quantity for items of this type. Our QuickBooks integration does not support use of "Discount" type items in inventory due to Intuit's irregular treatment of these items in their integration.

To resolve, you'll need to create a new discount item in Quickbooks, but not assign it the 'Discount Item' category type. Then you will need to resend this to the system (using the 'Resync Quickbooks products and services' button on the Quickbooks settings page) and assign the new item to your discount items in the Inventory tab.
Invoice You must fill out at least one split line. We think this means you are using Quickbooks that is NON-USA and not supported by the API that we tried.
Invoice You must specify a different number. This number has already been used. The invoice number collided with Quickbooks, they require unique numbers.
Invoice p_validate_txn - unable to find MBL customer REF id=849630 id They weren't able to find the customer by the ID we sent, it's not currently clear why this only happens intermittently.
Invoice Business Validation Error: We're sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax. Try reselecting the tax rate or reentering the product/service item and saving the form again. This error can occur for users with a Global Tax Model (not USA) when a Tax Rate is used for an Invoice that does not have a SalesTaxRate. Generally this happens for tax rates defining a PurchaseTaxRate and not both, eg "GST on non-capital"
Invoice The invoice number is already in use in Quickbooks. Please use another. This means that the invoice number in RepairShopr is not a new number: That number belongs to an existing invoice in Quickbooks. You will need to change the invoice number. You may also want to change the numbering scheme for Invoices from the Invoice Preferences (
Invoice Actual QuickBooks Error: statusCode=3120 statusMessage=The reference to Invoice <> does not exist on QuickBooks. The original invoice that was synced to Quickbooks has been deleted

To fix this you can manually create the invoice in QB or clone the Syncro invoice, sync it over to QB, and then delete the original invoice in Syncro.
Invoice Actual QuickBooks Error: statusCode=3150 statusMessage=There is a missing element: "TxnID". If you click Details and it takes you to the Invoices page with the message, "Sorry, invoice was not found - probably deleted," there is nothing more to do and you can ignore the error. Otherwise,it is referring to the tax id, so look into tax rates and make sure the taxes are mapped and active.
Invoice Actual QuickBooks Error: A business validation error has occurred while processing your request: Business Validation Error: We're sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax. Try reselecting the tax rate or reentering the product/service item and saving the This error is saying that for whatever reason, QB had a problem updating the tax line on the invoice. Recommended fix is to wait a minute or so and in RS, click Actions > Resync to QB. It should update the invoice on the QB side.
Invoice The following required settings: Some of your taxes are either incorrectly mapped or inappropriately used These settings must be immediately resolved on the QuickBooks Settings page. The default tax is set to SalesTaxCode and needs to be set to ItemSalesTax or ItemSalesTaxGroup instead. This can happen in states with no sales tax. If you do not have such codes to map, do this.
1. In QBD, go to Lists > Item Lists
2. In the bottom of the window, click Item > New
3. For the Type, select Sales Tax Item
4. Fill in the rest and click OK
5. On the Home page, click Manage Sales Tax
6. Click Sales Tax Preferences...
7. If the one you added is the default tax rate, select it in the Your most common sales tax item dropdown and click OK
8. In RepairShopr, go to /quickbooks/settings
9. Click Import Tax Code from QuickBooks
10. Run the QB Web Connector
11. Head to Admin > Invoices - Tax Rates
12. Edit the default tax rate
13. Click the QuickBooks Desktop dropdown and select the ItemSalesTax rate you created and click Update Tax rate
14. Re-sync your invoices and payments

Payment p_validate_txn - Credit Memo, Charge, Estimate, Invoice, Payment, Sales Order must have a customer reference defined Same as above, they cannot find the customer for some reason.
Payment One of the list elements assigned to this transaction has been deleted. Before you can modify this transaction, you must restore Check (deleted). This probably means a payment method was deleted in QB that we are using. You should not be deleting things in QuickBooks.
Product Actual QuickBooks Error: Invalid Reference Id: Invalid Reference Id : Categories cannot be used in transactions. Products cannot share the name of a category. Common examples of this are you have a "Labor" category inside Quickbooks and a product in RepairShopr called "Labor".

You will need to change either the category name or the product name slightly so they are not a direct match.
Product Actual QuickBooks Error: A business validation error has occurred while modify the quantity of an inactive inventory item. One of your products is mapped to an inactive item. Make sure all products are mapped to an item that is active in Quickbooks.
Product Invalid account type used: Invalid account type: For an inventory product, the inventory asset account must have Account Type: 'Other Current Asset' and Detail Type: 'Inventory.' Product has an incorrect product type. Make sure product type in Syncro matches Product Type in QuickBooks.
Product Duplicate Name Exists Error: The name supplied already exists There is a product with that name already in Quickbooks. Change the product name to something unique.
Purchase order PurchaseOrder: Actual QuickBooks Error: Required param missing, need to supply the required value for the API: Required parameter Line.ItemBasedExpenseLineDetail.ItemRef is missing in the request An item in your PO order list is not mapped to a corresponding item in QuickBooks, you need to make sure all of your items are linked to an item in QuickBooks.
Purchase order Duplicate Document Number Error: Duplicate Document Number Error: You must specify a different number. This number has already been used. DocNumber=<> is assigned to TxnType=Purchase Order with TxnId=<> There is already a Purchase order in Quickbooks with that PO number. Change the PO number to something that has not been used.
Varies Actual QuickBooks Error: statusCode=3070 statusMessage=The string "Really long name" in the field "LastName" is too long. ("LastName" can be different field names.) The name or description has exceeded the number of characters allowed. Shorten what is in the specific field so that it is within the max number of characters allowed. See Character limitations for fields in QuickBooks for maximum field lengths.

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