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ACH / E-check Processing

Many of our clients prefer to have us ACH them .. we would like to see a way within repairshopr to support this, ESPECIALLY for recurring billing! Maybe using something like Authorize.net's echeck .. or our preference would be to fully integrate with the credit card processor BluePay (who has full API/programming/code sample available).

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) commented  · 

        @SemiCircuit: Yes, would prefer Auth.net also!
        @Cody: Agreed!

        @Troy: Auth.net has this and tons of other platforms support them. Please don't avoid them just because they aren't the "preferred gateway/merchant" of RS. They are a great gateway and millions of businesses use them and LOVE them! Great CS company!

      • SemiCircuit commented  · 

        not a fan of vantiv. there are tons of providers for this and probably better not to tie your customers to merchant services provider for ach. thats the equivalent to buying a tv with a blueray player built-in; just a bad idea in my opinion.

        another option would be BILL.com integration. pricing per transaction and service is best Ive see for ach. Just my two cents.

        also, as yourself and others have already stated. authorize.net is a fairly ubiquitous provider that will mesh with many 3rd party ach providers.

        heres a quick list of others:

        cross check
        bluepay - as you mentioned, looks interesting (took a quick peek at their webpage is my extent of knowledge)

        Hell, I think even paypal can do custom ach programs as an aggregator. You would have to contact them but based on volume I believe they can make some competitive offerings through a platform which most are already connected to.

      • Jeff commented  · 

        Any Update on this?

      • Calvin commented  · 

        Any updates on this Troy?

      • Jeff Gladney commented  · 

        The last comment on this was about two months ago and you said the a few weeks. Can you give us an update?

      • Cody commented  · 

        We use ACH for automatic billing through authorize.net. It's an absolute necessity at this point and not having this integration is my biggest gripe about RepairShopr. Without the integration, billing for all of our ACH clients becomes a tedious and manual task. Authorize.net does its part automatically, but we have to manually mark invoices paid and send out receipts through RepairShopr. We would save hours and hours of time if this integration was available.

      • Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) commented  · 

        @James: Preach!
        @TerryRiv: User Seby Bell just posted a ditto of your comment on the RS Facebook group
        @Thill: Fact
        @Anonymous: New phone, who dis?
        @Chuckles: Sorry, you are out of votes.lol

      • thill commented  · 

        This is a needed feature

      • James White commented  · 

        As with others here, we just got hit with a string of NSF fees from a con artist. We use vantiv ONLY because of its ease of integration with RS and know you get a kick back in return. It would only be fair that we have some focus on something that would both earn you money and save us from getting hurt financially. Come on RepairShopR, stop the cool features for just a smidgen of time and help us business owners safeguard ourselves.

      • TerryRiv commented  · 

        This is needed as I use QB as well to do ACH. I have been creating invoices in RS, then sending them out via QuickBooks so they have a link for the ACH so my clients can pay online. This is getting old fast.

      • Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) commented  · 

        @RS: URGENT!!!

        This past week we were issued 4 worthless checks across 2 of our locations for a total of almost $1,900 in computers and other hardware. Because we are still relying on old-fashioned check deposits, there was no way for us to find out the checks issued to us were worthless until after they were deposited (which we only do every 2-5 days), cleared by the bank (1-3 days), and then the NSF notice is sent to us by USPS snail mail from our bank (3-5 days).

        This is completely ATROCIOUS! It's 2017 and we're using industry-leading CRM/POS software with some of the most technologically advanced features out there, yet we still don't have an integration to verify/process paper checks on the fly?! It's no secret that EVERY SINGLE RS USER has at least a few bounced checks every year (sometimes fraudulent, others accidental) and an E-Check processing integration would stop hundreds-thousands of headaches like this every year!

        Authorize.net already has one of the most widely used electronic check verification and processing systems on the market. I don't think it's unreasonable to request an expedite on one of the most important security measures to help protect RS user's bottom lines. This can be integrated as seamlessly as credit cards where we type in a routing/account number and check number - DONE! I've seen other systems do this, and with the API with Authorize.net I think it wouldn't be unreasonable at all.

        PS. The customer was actually committing similar fraud scams to dozens of small businesses across our county for weeks, and due to the delay in check verification, wasn't able to be stopped at the time of the crimes. In the end, it took us 4 days of investigating, working with police, and coordinating a sting operation to help authorities apprehend the suspect (he came into another of our stores to write another bad check when he was finally caught red-handed). http://www.pcsoweb.com/InmateBooking/SubjectResults.aspx?id=1704916

      • Lynn Thames commented  · 

        +1 for ACH!! Just signed up for Vantiv for payment processing and now I find out no ACH in RS?

      • Lynn Thames commented  · 

        Yes, this feature is a must. I need to get away from Quickbooks payments which is what I accept now for ACH.

      • Dan Illausky commented  · 

        This would be very good to have. I was rather disappointed to find out ACH wasn't an option considering the preferred payment processor supports it.

      • kyle kenyon commented  · 

        Any updates on this? It would be awesome to have.

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