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Mileage Tracking through Field Jobs

Don't know if it would even be possible but it would be a great feature to be able to track the mileage from your central office location to each field job per technician. We have several onsite technicians that we reimburse for mileage and it would be very efficient to just be able to pull up a report on their mileage each week etc.

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    Nancy Sabino shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  AdminTroy (Founder, RepairShopr) responded  · 

    What if any appointment that had a location specified we could calculate the road-miles from your office to there, and put that in a report?

    A little simpler than doing real vehicle/person tracking, still gets you pretty good data – and would be more realistic for us to quickly build.

    Let me know in the comments..


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      • Patrick Fogle commented  · 

        That would work for places with a single vehicle, but if we have multiples how can we designate the driver and truck number in the report?

      • Becky Keane commented  · 

        +1 for this. I would love to run a monthly mileage report for onsite jobs.

      • Duleep Pillai commented  · 

        When checked last time, I was told that it should get at least 75 votes to be considered. Any progress?


      • Calvin commented  · 

        That would be awesome!

      • Duleep Pillai commented  · 

        Would love to have this. We are new to RS and is finding very difficult to track mileage. I need to pull up the mileage every 15 days so that it can be reimbursed.

      • mike commented  · 

        Was about to suggest something like this when I found this one already proposed.
        Currently I use the address link to bring up Google Maps then input our shop address for directions and use the mileage listed there to track it.

        Would be great if this was automated somehow whenever we set up a field job. Pull mileage somehow and add it to a techs account in some way.

      • Wayne commented  · 

        Have a look at https://www.mycartracks.com/ - It allows you to easily track times and mileage from an android phone. I use it constantly and simply extract times/mileage at the end of the day by reviewing my progress throughout the day.

        It would be great if we could assign a ticket start & stop action to automatically capture times and mileage for a specific ticket.

      • Matthew commented  · 

        I currently use MileIQ and it's great. It would be nice to have it integrate into RS. Not to hijack this thread, but I feel like this is closely related to mileage tracking as well. Since the google maps data is already in there, it would be great to have travel time calculated between appointments and have that time "ear-marked" as part of that appointment.

        Say you have an appointment from 12-1 and the calculated time from that appointment to the next is 1 hour, it would make the appointment at 2-3 show 1-3 in our calendar, but 2-3 to the customer.

        Too many times have I had my employee's schedule back to back appointments, and not account for 30+ minutes travel time.

        I've also posted it as a separate idea @ http://feedback.repairshopr.com/forums/165658-general/suggestions/17208917-account-for-travel-time-in-calendar

      • Mark Swanson commented  · 

        +1 for this idea - tracking mileage outside of the psa is messy and prone to errors. It would be great to run a report for this. Currently we created a google form with start/stop times and mileage that gets entered and emailed to service coordinator. If repairshopr added just another field to the mobile ticket notes entry - arrived / leaving / field notes and mileage I think that would work as long as it went somewhere where it could be aggregrated weekly or monthly-

      • tbgsav commented  · 

        A field on the Invoice for total miles, then a way to pull a monthly, quarterly report would be most excellent.

      • Nancy Sabino commented  · 

        Yes ours to do

        Also, one of my techs just brought up that it would also be beneficial if we could manually add in the miles if there is a day that is too complicated for example, we have an assigned day that we go do backup swaps for 10 clients in one day so to be able to go in there and say this say was 70 miles total... not sure if that throws a wrench in that but be able to have that manual entry be included in the report as well.... like opt out of the calculated miles when necessary to include a manual entry.

      • Daniel Prince commented  · 

        That's a great idea, I would use that for field jobs all the time. Make that integrate into the mobile app and you got something good!

      • Dave Feist commented  · 

        Yes that would be perfect, maybe have a blank line to put in a custom address. Being a one man shop and not having alot of stock, i have to grab stock from local stores. maybe a checkbox with that blank line so we could check it if we needed to add extra travel for supplies for that job or extra trips.

      • Traci McMahan commented  · 

        Yes. Ours all have a valid street address.

      • AdminTroy (Founder, RepairShopr) commented  · 

        @traci/@nancy - do all your relevant "appointments" in repairshopr have a valid address on them that we could use to automate google maps with?

        That would be a requirement for the report to work..

      • Traci McMahan commented  · 

        I would be ecstatic to see a report like this. It currently takes me 1-1 1/2 hours every pay cycle to calculate 4 technicians mileage for reimbursement costs and we just added a 5th tech. If I was able to run a mileage report for each tech, that would save me an enormous amout of time each month.

      • Nancy Sabino commented  · 

        So currently that's how our techs calculate their miles... the basically do a google maps from our office to that location and then do a point to point thereafter BUT quite frankly if that saves them 30 minutes - 1 hour every week to calculate then that would definitely work!

      • Nancy Sabino commented  · 

        If you could integrate with a mileage tracking company that would be wonderful also... especially with your app becoming more robust... maybe it could be added to the app?

      • Spencer Pous commented  · 

        +1 for MSP feature

        You could integrate with MileIQ or one of the mile tracking through cellular phone companies.

      • isaacg commented  · 

        Here's the kludge I worked up for tracking mileage:

        Go to https://<yourrepairshoprwebsite>/ticket_types
        If you don't already have one, create a Ticket Custom Field Type ("Standard" as suggested is fine).
        Go to Manage Fields > New Field and call it Mileage (or whatever you want).
        Now when you to create a ticket you'll have the option to input your mileage. Getting a report of that is the hard part. Maybe RepairShopr could add reports for custom fields. in the mean time:
        Go to Admin > Reports > Tickets > Export to CSV and save it somewhere you can find it.
        Now we need to strip the numbers out of the custom fields column and total them.
        Open the CSV, press ALT + F11 to open VBA.
        From the menu Insert > Module and paste in the script between the lines below. This is just a compilation of scripts I found online, there's probably much more efficient ways to do it, but it works.

        Option Explicit
        Sub GetMileageTotal()
        Dim uColumn As String
        ' if your data is in a different column then change L to some other letter(s)
        uColumn = "L"
        Dim i As Long, j As Long, r As Range
        For i = 1 To Range(uColumn & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
        Set r = Range(uColumn & i)
        Dim tmpStr As String
        tmpStr = vbNullString
        For j = 1 To Len(r)
        If IsNumeric(Right(Left(r, j), 1)) Then tmpStr = tmpStr & Right(Left(r, j), 1)
        Next j
        r.NumberFormat = "0"
        r = tmpStr
        Next i
        ' Total 10,000 rows in L column and insert result in O2
        Range("O1").Value = "Total Mileage"
        Range("O2").Value = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Range("L2:L10000"))
        End Sub

        Press F5 to execute the script. Go back to the spreadsheet and you should have a total in the upper right of the sheet. To save the script for future use you can switch back to the VBA window go to File > Export File and save it somewhere. Then in the future you can just ALT + F11 > File > Import File > F5 and you're done.

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