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Improve some of the older features

There are a tremendous number of features offered in RS and the very core of them are fairly well rounded and fully implemented.

There are also almost some other features that seem like they are do for some upgrades.

There is tremendous potential in things like;
- Ticket Automation
- Widgets
- Ticket
- Worksheets
- Stock tools
- Reports
- Templates
- Custom fields
- Website Integrations

Many implementations could use some simple upgrades like:

The "Device Repair" widget starts with an option to pick a model and has no option to start with a device manufacturer. This is fine if all you service is a single manufacturer but renders the entire feature useless if you're a full service repair shop that repairs any/all manufacturers.

Another example is in ticket automation it would be very handy to have a triggerable status like "New Part Order" so that I could setup a automation to automatically set the ticket status to "Waiting for Parts" when a part order is made.

Another example is that anywhere where there are customization fields such as in widgets, statuses, ticket details etc.. where I am able to use various data entry types like check box, text field, dropdown etc..

I would like more granular control of those options. One most obvious and commonly encountered issue is needing a "Other" drop-down/checkbox field with an option to add a text entry to explain what "Other" is.

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curtis@phonefreaks.ca shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
completed  ·  AdminTroy (Founder, RepairShopr) responded  · 

Since this suggestion is for multiple features, we can’t really manage it in uservoice like other suggestions.

I’m inclined to just delete the post and have these individual items get their own post (so they can get votes/status updates/etc) – but it’s a hot issue so I’ll just mark is as completed and leave it.

If you are considering commenting and adding another small thing you want us to fix before adding more new features, stop.

Go submit a separate idea for it so it can get votes. That’s how this system works..

Marking complete because we’ve heard you, and understand your desire. We are not going to prioritize these examples to be worked on immediately because that isn’t how our roadmap works – but it will be considered as we schedule future work. (as usual)


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