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Custom "Signature Forms" for additional Agreements, Waivers, Authorization Forms, etc.

I'm not doing thorough explanations or mock-ups anymore. Basically a way for users to setup custom terms and conditions, similar to the built-in default “Intake Form” for things like:

Managed services contract and conditions
Recurring credit card billing agreements
Third-party services authorization form
Equipment trade-in signature paperwork

I know just about every shop is still using paper for at least a few documents. For shops like mine, this amounting to literally hundreds (some months just over 1,000 for us) of papers that are manually tracked/organized. I know ideally all of these docs would be uploaded to RS, but that takes too much time. It would be hugely helpful to have these docs generated/signed/filed in RS from start to finish.

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    Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Andrew Hall commented  · 

        Was the new beta that didn’t provide anything real beneficial (that I can see), the roadblock for getting these mission critical items completed?

      • CCW Technology commented  · 

        "This will probably come in early 2017"

        Can you update us please?

      • James Moore commented  · 

        Hey Troy,

        Out of curiosity, what is the big feature that this was behind? I'm just wondering if that roadblock has been finished yet.



      • admin commented  · 

        When will this get implemented.. Early 2017 is long gone

      • hugo gonzalez commented  · 

        Hello, Remember I have one, I can Donate for the cause. :) Topaz GemView 7

      • Anthony commented  · 

        I want this sooo BAD!

      • Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) commented  · 

        Anxiously waiting on this for: Residential VIP contracts, Business MSP contracts, Lease HW Agreements, Stored CIM Payment Authorizations, Equipment Rental Tracking, etc.

      • Jon commented  · 

        @troy any updates on this!!!

      • Mike commented  · 

        Selby, I'll just take any way to generate a form/waiver, from customer or ticket data, when and where we want in RS, without the need for a trigger. Then show the customer the screen (or a laminated card) and have them sign the topaz.
        Being able to then print or email said waiver/form would b cool too ;)

      • Seby Bell commented  · 

        My apologies. What I meant was, none of the RS forms display anything ON the Topaz signature pads. That requires a separate integration, but maybe I was misunderstanding the question. :p

      • AdminTroy (Founder, RepairShopr) commented  · 

        We would definitely hook it into our existing signature stuff - so it would work on topaz like our existing forms. (And fallback to work with mouse/touch if not on a windows computer)

        Still planned - just coming after another big priority feature that we've been working on.

      • Seby Bell commented  · 

        I doubt we can integrate them into Topaz, MikeD. The smaller Topaz pads have an SDK tool available that you can use to create an app from an .xls file to show a signature box on the screen, for example. The larger pads have to have a custom app. It would be great if RS would provide something for the software on that, but seems unlikely.

      • MikeD commented  · 

        Just having our own templates which we can create from scratch and pull in tags from all the other templates would be a great start! :)
        This would allow folks to create their own custom forms and add them to the print button, or somehow integrate them to the Topaz too?

      • Grant commented  · 

        I'd like to see a signature option for ticket status.
        For example Ticket status= "Maintenance Complete" Require signature="yes"

        Now if you place a ticket into the "Maintenance Complete" status then you are given a signature screen with a customised disclaimer that would also be set up in the ticket status setup.

      • Stephen De Tomasi commented  · 

        +1 to this, especially if it can be done via the mobile app on my Galaxy Note which already has a fantastic pen built into it.

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