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Custom "Signature Forms" for additional Agreements, Waivers, Authorization Forms, etc.

I'm not doing thorough explanations or mock-ups anymore. Basically a way for users to setup custom terms and conditions, similar to the built-in default “Intake Form” for things like:

Managed services contract and conditions
Recurring credit card billing agreements
Third-party services authorization form
Equipment trade-in signature paperwork

I know just about every shop is still using paper for at least a few documents. For shops like mine, this amounting to literally hundreds (some months just over 1,000 for us) of papers that are manually tracked/organized. I know ideally all of these docs would be uploaded to RS, but that takes too much time. It would be hugely helpful to have these docs generated/signed/filed in RS from start to finish.

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    Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Isaiah commented  · 

        Lol. Clearly the team at repairshopr is great at responding to comments 😂
        Maybe Troy meant early 2019?

      • Jon commented  · 

        @Troy any update it is past "early 2017"

      • Steven commented  · 

        Any updates on this?

      • SemiCircuit commented  · 


        as its now 2018...any updates for this?

      • Svein S(Total Repairs) commented  · 

        I just want to build on every ones ideas and add how this would be a great feature for my repair shop and how i imagine it to work.
        Sometimes on an order we need the phone longer then expected and we offer our customers a phone they can borrow and use until we are finnished with theirs. In this scenario our customers need to sign a form with certain terms they need to follow when they are borrowing a phone from us.

        When the customer have signed the form we scan it and add it to the order. But i would like to save the paper and time and be able to do this in repairshopr. I can image that in a ticket there is a button to a a custom signature form. Then add the one i need for different scenarios and have it signed on the signaturepad. There is many other ways this can be used so i hope this is a planned feature for the future.

      • Jon commented  · 

        @Troy ANY UPDATE!!!!

      • Andrew Hall commented  · 

        Was the new beta that didn’t provide anything real beneficial (that I can see), the roadblock for getting these mission critical items completed?

      • CCW Technology commented  · 

        "This will probably come in early 2017"

        Can you update us please?

      • James Moore commented  · 

        Hey Troy,

        Out of curiosity, what is the big feature that this was behind? I'm just wondering if that roadblock has been finished yet.



      • admin commented  · 

        When will this get implemented.. Early 2017 is long gone

      • hugo gonzalez commented  · 

        Hello, Remember I have one, I can Donate for the cause. :) Topaz GemView 7

      • Anthony commented  · 

        I want this sooo BAD!

      • Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) commented  · 

        Anxiously waiting on this for: Residential VIP contracts, Business MSP contracts, Lease HW Agreements, Stored CIM Payment Authorizations, Equipment Rental Tracking, etc.

      • Jon commented  · 

        @troy any updates on this!!!

      • Mike commented  · 

        Selby, I'll just take any way to generate a form/waiver, from customer or ticket data, when and where we want in RS, without the need for a trigger. Then show the customer the screen (or a laminated card) and have them sign the topaz.
        Being able to then print or email said waiver/form would b cool too ;)

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