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Customize the "Triggers" that affect Statuses

We really want to change the triggers that happen when making certain comments. Like, it makes sense that after a "Parts Order" comment, that the status switches to "Waiting on Parts". However, other things don't necessarily work best with our workflow, and it really messes up the way we work. Further, techs always seem to forget to "double check" that the status on the ticket is what it should be.

Here are some examples of what we'd like to be able to change ourselves. Maybe under Tickets>Custom Settings.

'Diagnosis' comment > Triggers > 'Waiting on Customer' (because we need approval from the customer after a diagnosis. And if we do get an approval, we need to make an 'Approval' comment anyway.)

'Approval' comment > Triggers > 'In Progress' (I think this already happens? Just making sure.)

Creating an Invoice > Triggers > 'In Progress', Not 'Invoiced' (because we make invoices as soon as work is approved, and work is still in progress until we 'Complete' the work. Customers pay at pickup.)

'Completed' comment > Triggers > 'Invoiced' (because we have a shelf for "billed and ready for pickup")

These triggers may be different from how you planned it originally, but different shops have different workflows. And I'm sure there's other ways besides the way both of us planned it, but everyone should be able to customize things as important as triggers.

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Ryan (Power User R7, RepairShopr) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just came across the new Ticket Automation section in Admin. This looks like it could be the answer to my long existing chain of requests for "custom status triggers". I can see this will allow us to update ticket statuses based on several conditions. I just need a condition for "Ticket comment-type made" and I'd be content to close that request thread! Then I can do this:

    IF: Ticket comment (is) "Diagnosis" THEN: Change status (to) "Waiting on Customer"
    IF: Ticket comment (is) "Approval" THEN: Change status (to) "In Progress"
    IF: Ticket comment (is) "Completed" THEN: Change status (to) "Invoiced"

    It might also make sense to remove these default triggers you have on the back end and set them as customizable defaults added into the Ticket Automation section:

    IF: Ticket comment (is) "Parts Order" THEN: Change status (to) "Waiting for Parts"
    IF: Ticket comment (is) "Parts Arrival" THEN: Change status (to) "In Progress"
    IF: Action occurs (is) "Invoice Created" THEN: Change status (to) "Invoiced"

  • Ryan (CTO, Pinellas Computers) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for that insight. We were actually looking at CW before we settled on RS. I'm pretty sure Robert/Troy know of CW, since it's similar in their industry. Hopefully RS can "mimic" some of the great features of CW.

    PS. The RS team has all of your contact info in their database, so you don't need to post your private email/phone here if you don't want to (spam/crawlers?)

  • Jesse Farris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This makes complete sense. As a new customer, we don't understand why we would have essentially 2 status areas (One that is a status, and another that is "comments"). I would much rather just update one and have the other automatically update. If we send a comment to a customer that the computer is complete and ready for pick up but forget to update the "status". The customer could call back in and be told that the ticket still says repair in progress.

    We came over from some software called Connectwise where we could write a comment on a ticket, track time on that comment (had a start and end time feature that billed the customer), and had a drop down that let you update the ticket status based on that comment. It had check boxes for who would receive the email with the comment (customer, tech, admin ect) along with a check box if you wanted the comment hidden. We still have access to this system if a RepairShopr employee would like to reach out and see how it is set up because it is awesome and makes sense. My email is jesse.farris@comptroubles.com and my phone number is 319-234-5600.

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