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Asset Manager

Could you please look at adding, or changing the Asset Name field, to auto generate an Asset number?
Also can we modify what/how the asset label is printed out?
We are wanting a way of uniquely identifying every asset without having to have a manual system of doing so (ie giving every device a name). The reason this has come about is that we have businesses with multiply assets and when searching assets to add to a ticket you can only search by name and this can be problematic if the names are not unique. We want to be able to give every asset that is fixed or purchase though our company a unique asset number or name which will be printed on the barcode we want to stick to each asset.

This will also help identify assets when doing a phone support job with a business with multiple assets. We can then easily search that asset for more detailed information.

Thanks heaps.

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  • Les Beer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Is there any update on this? Especially the asset print/ not print option?

  • chris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another Vote.
    We are doing a LOT of HaaS and I need a way to better track MY assets that are deployed at customer's sites. Right now, I can't find a great way to do this with the manager. Who do I put in the customer field? Well, I own the asset, but it's at XXXX person's office. What serial do I use? Track everything on another DB? That's complicated. Do I just enter the serial # from the product? I guess that works a bit - unless it's a custom PC that does't have an OEM serial.

  • PCWizrd commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Has any progress been made into randomly generating an Asset ID Number for newly created assets? Right now I don't have a good solution to create IDs without risking duplicates. I did create a Google Sheets with an ID generator but that's an extra step and when I'm on the road with clients it is hard to do while working from mobile.

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