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Required Customer Fields Small Tweak

Currently we require that all of our customers provide an email as we deliver invoices and receipts via email.

However, in the rare occasion that a customer does not have an email or they simply don't want to share it, we need a "fake" email of sorts that we are allowed to enter in the required email field. A default email or something of the like.

And here's why:
Since we require an email for creating a new customer, if we have a customer come in that doesn't have one, the manager must then go into the backend of RepairShopr and make changes to the customer required fields. The employee will then be able to add the new customer and then the manager must re-enable the email as a required field. It's a hassle.

Instead of doing that, lets just have an "email" that allows it to be entered in the field and create the customer. And why not extend that to the phone number field? Sometimes people don't want to provide a phone number and only want to be contacted via email. That's customer service for ya.

Additionally, maybe that particular keyword "email" that goes in there can be tracked so we can see how many people at the end of the year refused to provide an email or didn't have one. That would be a neat to have data on that but is not necessary.

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I think you should probably setup a wildcard email for your domain, then you can add emails that are still unique like:



If the email says “fake” in it – we won’t actually send the email, but we don’t want an accidental email going to a real domain – like gmail/aol/etc – that can get you blocked from emailing.

It would be easy to search your database for “yourdomain” and see everyone that provided no email..


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  • Rick B commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would it be possible to add to add a switch that would remind the check in person to add a email address but not require one to be entered

  • Justin@TW commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    For ease of use for the operator, allow a default catch-all type address to be entered in the admin field. UX wise that address would be entered in the form fill and would erase on click. This way there's less typing per add which results in a quicker entry.

    I'd like to require email but I decided against the burden on the staff.. When it comes to peace of mind hacks to make RS work better, you have to pick and choose your battles when it involves additional steps..

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