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Splitting Purchase Orders

First forgive me if this has been suggested somewhere else, but it gets rather daunting searching all of these even with the search function.
I when I place orders with some of my distributors I will not always receive a whole purchase order in one shot. Most of my orders will have to be $1000 to get free shipping.
With that being said if I have 20 line items on one purchase order my vendor will usually break that up into 4 or 5 invoices. All being shipped from different warehouses and being billed separate. So in repairshopr I have one Purchase order at $1,000. But from vendor I have 5 Invoices at $200. Sometimes, if orders are under $1,000 each of the Vendors Invoices will have different shipping amounts which is why having shipping spread across all line items would be nice. My bank account will show the 5 invoices at $200, rather than one at $1,000. Usually my vendors will mark the original invoice number with a suffix. EG..101 would become 101-1, 101-2....

To remedy this it would be nice if when I receive this partial shipment I was brought to a payment screen and be prompted for a reference number (Vendor inv#), and payment method. Then to have these partials synch to quickbooks accordingly.

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Or - select some line items to "move to new PO" so they can be split off?

Or maybe - after you partially receive a PO, a way to take all the remaining and move those to a new transaction?

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  • marc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree; We frequently place large orders from our major distributors (D&H, Synnex, Tech Data) and those orders are frequently split from multiple warehouses which means they arrive separately and are invoiced separately. (Or an item is back ordered and is invoiced separately when it ships). It would be extremely helpful to be able to "split PO" or have sub-PO's.

  • Steve Baldacchino commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We find receipting partial orders time consuming as when you receive for example 5 items in an order of 50 it's difficult to update cost prices and check these against a vendor invoice when the PO total shows the total for the 50 items. Each time you do a partial receipt you are always working with the entire 50 items. In addition when partial receipting the pending orders screen is not displayed to allow pending orders to be fullfilled. Splitting PO's based on vendor invoice would make partial receipting alot easier.

  • Chipp commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Where does this stand. Was thinking of coming back for 2017 but if this is not fixed,....well

  • BTS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We vote for this with slight change. When you create a purchase order you a request to a vendor for certain items in certain amounts. Let's say I placed a purchase order for Vendor Giant for 10 male connectors and 10 female connectors. Each one is priced at $1.00, total for the order is $20.00. When I get the items , I should just be able to open the Purchase Order for Vendor Giant and write the amounts of each item I received. So far so good. The problem comes when I don't get everything I ordered. I got 10 male connectors and 0 female connectors and even though I write that I received 0 female connectors my Invoice total in Repairshopr still shows $20.00 when only $10.00 was deducted from my bank account. So, I sent an email asking why this was happening and how to fix it and the response I got was: the items are staying as back ordered, like the vendor will send them later. But this is never my case. To fix the financial part that I wasn't charged $20 but $10 instead I have to make a return of the items I didn't receive. It just doesn't make sense. Why do I have to return something I didn't get in the first place when what should be fixed is the accounting logic of how the software acts on it. Here's my suggestion: The software should reflect what really happened. I got 10 male connectors and 0 female connectors for a total of $10.00. When I save the order I just received, the software may ask if the items are going to stay on back order and I can choose yes or no and ask if I got a refund for the items not shipped. Depending on those answers the P.O. will be closed or not. Information is good as long as is accurate and reflects reality. To me the way to do it right now is not accurate and doesn't reflect reality. At the end this is all connected to financial data and they just won't match because there are two different realities going on, one in repairshopr and another in Quickbooks and our bank account.

  • Ryan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We vote for this. Here is a common scenario for us. We place an order for 5 of the same RAM chips from Amazon. Those 5 RAM chips will all arrive the same day in different boxes and we will have 5 different transactions in my bank account for this order. It's just the way Amazon rolls with their billing sometimes. It would be nice when we receive those individual items in RS to have that received items cost sent over as a line item to QB rather than the entire order amount. Otherwise I'm going to find myself playing around with these transactions QB online more to get it to match what my bank account shows for reconciling purposes. Hope that is clear.

  • Chipp commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes Troy, Know it is long but hope it was explained well enough.

    I would say your first option and perhaps add a sub po# as my vendor does. Thus keeping original PO# and adding the sub Po's So my original would be 101. Broken down it would be 101-01, 101-02, somewhere along those line.

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