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Show Labor Log entries under Communications

Any time I notice a stale ticket assigned to my techs, I check the ticket's Communications' comments. When I approach the tech for not seeing any comments, roughly 1 out of 3 times their respond is "I put it in the Labor Log". It would be much more efficient if those entries could show up under Communications as well (maybe as a public or private note?)

Would also solve Labor Log entries not printing out on a ticket, as mentioned here: https://feedback.repairshopr.com/forums/165658-general/suggestions/34401148-allow-printing-of-the-labor-log-and-time-started-a

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  • Brett Smith commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would actually love to see the two almost combined. Along with the option to change the ticket status. I constantly find myself adding notes with time then going to the labor log and editing the text to something more "invoice friendly", and setting the ticket status. Like:

    Email Note: Bob, I took a look at that file permission error of yours and made some adjustments on the server. After you Log off of your computer and log back on you should have access to the accounting folders.
    Private Note: Verified with Ben that Bob should have access to the accounting folders. Added Bob to the "Accounting" security group in AD.
    Labor Log: Remote Service, Added Bob to the Accounting SG per Ben
    --15 Minutes Charged to customer
    Ticket Status: Resolved

    I don't always enter the private note section if there is enough details in the public note or email, but when there is billable time I ALWAYS want to enter text into both the public notes and the Labor Log.

    It would be great I could type all of these in one form, that way I know The client will know what is going on when they go into the Customer Portal or read their email, The technical details are entered, and the client won't complain that their invoice is complicated

  • Joe Pardo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is going to be huge for us to detail to our customers how much time was put into the job.

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