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Sync purchase orders with Xero now that Xero supports it

I know this was posted earlier but as it was not supported by Xero at the time it was declined, It is now supported with Xero so we would like to integrate the purchase orders in Xero with the purchase orders in RepairShopr and sync them.

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  • Anthony commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As you can imagine Xero was founded in NZ, so other than MYOB it is the go to software for all businesses here, I have only encountered one client of ours running QuickBooks Online and it seems very slow in NZ even on a 100/100 fibre internet connection so it really isn't an option.

    the lack of purchases order sync makes RepairShopr quite painful when we are ordering in goods constantly, it would be nice to get official word from RepairShopr if this is even a possibility in the near future

  • Matt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We really need to be managing our inventory in Xero so we can accurately report on stock holdings and report our GP line by line and per product. At the moment we've got no real eye on the financials in Xero as the RS to Xero integration isn't sending inventory data.

    If RS can send PO's to Xero, handle inventory sync better then we're sorted and have a superb system. I'm told by support that they're not looking to upgrade the Xero integration so I'm having to look at developing a connector myself.

    Xero has millions of users and I'm sure if you can get the integration working better you'd be attracting more customers to RS. We found RS from the Xero app store after all. We love RS and it handles are service business so well but we're just not finding it helpful when it comes to financials.

    Just saying.

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