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Tracking shipments/Parts


The tracking feature is useless and really needs to be fixed. You say when you search the tracking # it opens up a google search. What is the point of this??
You should be able to add a direct URL in manually, and then when you click on that link you put in..it will take you to the actual website (for example, DHL) and you can view the status of the shipment. Right now, if I input my DHL tracking #…it opens up a google search and gives me random searches for misc crap like Flickr pages.

There must be something you can do with this. Like I said, have it so we can enter a tracking number, than we can attach a hyperlink to the direct URL. SO the tracking number will act like a link, and take you directly to the status page. After you input the link of course.

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You are right, it didn’t matter for USA folks because fedex/ups (99% of the market) use tracking numbers that are detected by google – where DHL tracking numbers are not possible to auto-detect so nobody has a good automated solution.

Now if you enter a URL into that field we’ll link to that instead of google.


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  • Dennis Wiencken commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The part where you can add a URL does not work for "Purchase orders". It searches Google for that URL.
    Maybe a "Carrier" setting would be cool. Here you can specify an address with i variable like {{tracking_number}}.
    Something like this:

    And on the Puchase detail site you can select carrier and input tracking number for a much cleaner look

    That would be very awesome

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