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Make Time Clock Easier - GEO fence? - GPS? - improved calendar? something.

I love repairshopr. The most annoying part of it for me right now is the time clock. I have to correct numerous time clock issues every pay period.

Improving one of these two areas could make it so much easier:
1. Make clocking in easier for employees
2. Make correcting the clock in times easier

The first option would be ideal. Some of my ideas for making it easier to clock in:

1. Give the administrator the option to enable a very obvious, bold notice at the top of the each employee's screen (no matter what page they're on in repairshopr) if they're logged in and using repairshopr but not currently clocked in.
2. Alternatively, give admin the option to require hourly employees to clock in before they can use repairshopr. (this may not totally fix it for me, as some employees prefer to make notes about on-sites during off hours / when they're not clocked in) - I also saw this suggested elsewhere and voted it up.
3. Add the functionality to the repairshopr phone app to automatically clock-in the employee once they get to work. This would solve the issue where they get to work and start helping a customer before ever having a chance to sit down in front of a computer.
- maybe you could accomplish this using GPS on the phone
- you might also be able to accomplish this by clocking in the employee once their phone joins the wifi network at work (perhaps only during their scheduled work hours?).

Alternatively, it would also be helpful to improve the pop-up calendar function that is used in repairshopr when correcting a time entry. As it is, I would love it if I could simply adjust the slider a tiny bit in order to make minor corrections to an employee's time entry. But, instead, once you click in the field it resets to today's date and you have to tell it what day, hour, and minute you want it to be. It gets tedious very quickly and makes me more likely to make mistakes when trying to correct mistakes.

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  • Adam D Mielke commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree, the time clock feature scares me with the lack of security. In my experience a time clock entry is a permanent thing, etched in stone if you will. This is designed to protect both the employer as well as the employee. As it stands right now, if an employee claims I'm tinkering with their entries I have no way of proving otherwise. Since most judges will take the employees side, I'm up shit creek if an employee decides to come after me. I need better confirmation and tracking of all time clock edits.

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