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Add Sale from Inventory to Customer Asset

We sell refurbished PC's and plan to start using repairshopr to track all details of them.
From intake, work to refurbish, and sale.
This we can do.

However, on sale part...
We would like to be able to add these inventory items when sold to a customer to their assets.
I have found no way to easily create an asset from an inventory item, it would be great if we could.

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  • James Tomasello commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We do customer purchases often and resell after a refurbish. Currently, we have to notate on paper or spreadsheet who originally owned this item in our inventory so that we can later transfer the asset to the new customer.

    Now, we are using the note section of the item page, however, this can be problematic if we have the same model with many serial numbers as there is not a clean way to notate the serialized item. We could use the "physical location" or "condition" box but these are usually filled with actual information.

    It would save us a bit of effort if this suggestion were a native function of RepairShopr, to automatically move an asset upon purchase or sale.

    Someone suggested to make an account for our shop and move the asset there until sold but I feel this is also an unneeded additional step.

    I think the flow should be; Have the option to purchase the asset, Move Asset to Inventory (Serialized), Initiate refurb(Track Costs), Sell item and it becomes an Asset to the new client(or existing) with full history retention on the product.

    I vote for this!

  • Seby Bell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was just about to 'suggest' that we have the ability to Convert an Asset to Inventory (automatically removing it from the Customer) and it seems like this would be a natural addition to the suggestion above. We really SHOULD be able to go both directions, move an item from Inventory to Asset, and move an Asset to Inventory. That would save a lot of extra work when we sell a refurb to a Customer, or when a Customer donates (or sells) an Asset to us. This would be super helpful.

  • james commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    It would be helpful if assets could be auto-generated at the time of invoice creation from the inventory.

    It wouldn't need to be for all products, so some kind of "option" when creating the product could trigger the system.

    Real World Usage

    Client purchases a printer which is auto added to their assets for easy finding by both client and tech - rather than digging through invoices.

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