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Inventory Settings

Inventory Settings


Send a daily Low-Inventory email: A daily email is triggered to your main account email address that shows you all Low-Inventory Items.

Enable Wholesale Pricing: Allows you to sell Inventory Items at cost

Enable Purchasing from the public: Allows you to purchase Inventory items/parts from your Customers. For more information, refer to this article.

Enable RepairShopr to RepairShopr electronic ordering: Allows you to set up and purchase from a vendor that uses our application. You can read more about this ability in this article.

Enable One-Time-Use Inventory Items: Enables the "One Time Use" checkbox on Inventory Products that will set them to be disabled once the stock runs out. You can read more about how to set up and use this by visiting this article.

List of Product Categories: Each product you have can be placed in a category. Certain categories are necessary to perform functions, such as utilizing prepay hours. Add your desired categories to this list, separated by a comma and no spaces.

Use Basic Labels instead of Instance Labels on non-serialized Products: This toggles Basic Labels as the default labels and hides the In-Stock Label. 


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