Electronic Ordering

Electronic Ordering is used when purchasing parts and products online from a vendor that uses our software. You can also use it to sell parts and products to other users. 


To get started, navigate to: Admin > Inventory > Preferences, then find and check the box labelled: "Enable RepairShopr to RepairShopr electronic ordering" shown here:

Once it's enabled, just follow these steps to use the feature:

As a Vendor:

1. Create a new customer (or modify an existing customer) that you'd like to sell to. 
2. Edit the Customer and select the "Additional Fields" tab along the top. You will see a field where you can add in their account subdomain.
3. Have a list of products ready with the UPC codes and prices in a format for this customer to add the products to their inventory. The customer will use the UPC as their Vendor SKU.
4. When the customer sets up their end you will get an invoice with the products they added to their Purchase Order.
5. You will have to confirm the invoice details are correct (just like any other invoice) and send an email for payment.
6. Once payment is received you can ship the items.

As a Customer:

1. Create a new vendor (or modify an existing vendor) that you'd like to buy from.
2. Edit the Vendor and add their account subdomain to the proper field.
3. Add or modify existing products with the information provided from the Vendor. You will use their UPC as a Vendor SKU.
4. Create a Purchase Order, attach the Vendor, and add items that you would order from them ensuring the Vendor SKU is present.
5. Electronically process with the Vendor. It will create an invoice on their system and leave a note for the Invoice number.
7. They will confirm the invoice details are correct and send you an email to request payment.
8. You can then receive the items and make sure Purchase Order is accurate and matches the invoice.  

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