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One Time Use Inventory Products

One Time Use Inventory Products are products that you have on-hand and want to sell to customers, but you do not want to consider them a permanent part of your Inventory and re-stock them when you run out.

What it Does

  • Enables a "One Time Use" checkbox in RepairShopr to mark that item as OTU
  • Disables the OTU Inventory Product once it runs out of stock
  • Enables the product if it is returned back to the Inventory

What it Doesn't Do

  • It does not delete the Inventory Product from the system, it only disables it for tracking purposes

How to Use

First get started by enabling this at Admin > Inventory - Preferences > Enable One-Time-Use Products, shown here:

When you create a new Inventory Product or modify an existing one, you will be able to see the checkbox for One Time Use items here: 

You will also see the "One Time Use" checkbox when adding a new Manual Product to a Purchase Order.

Click on the "Manual Add" button in the Purchase Order next to the "ADD 'MAINTAIN STOCK' PRODUCT FROM INVENTORY" box, then you will see the checkbox at the bottom of the pop-up window: 

Things to Note

Backordering a One-Time-Use Product is not recommended as they are designed to be disabled and not re-ordered.

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