Credit Cards: How do I use a credit card swiper?

The credit card reader you use will depend on who your payment processor is.



Please follow this link for more information on the credit card swipers supported with Worldpay, along with setup information.

Worldpay Credit Card Processing

For Dejavoo terminal users:

Once you have completed the setup up of your terminal following the steps here, you can use the terminal by following these steps.

  1. Open an invoice.
  2. In the upper right, click "Take Payment."
  3. On the payment screen, click "Take Payment" again, you should now see some activity on the terminal.
  4. It will give you the option to key in or swipe a card. Pick your method and complete transaction.


For information on what card reader to use, please contact Stripe. You can find setup information by following the link below.

Stripe Setup Information


You can learn more about the type of card reader compatible with Square by going to their website: Square Credit Card Reader

Check out our Square Setup Information article.

All you need is the API key and Secret from, just head over to your settings page and put those in. You can find more details on how to set up your Authorize account here. Setup Information


Some Users have had more success with this USB swiper and it is lower in cost.

Symcode USB Magnetic Stripe Card Reader 3-Track POS Credit Card Reader Swiper MagStripe Swipe Card Reader

This is another option that has also worked:

MagTek Dynamag Card Reader (USB for Desktop/Laptop)

If you are on a Mac, we've found that the MagTeks will occasionally require a one-time PC connection in order to switch the device into Keyboard Emulation mode. If you aren't able to successfully swipe a card number into Text Edit, see the MagTek troubleshooting below. Otherwise, you will likely need to contact your supplier for steps on switching it to Keyboard Emulation mode.

Credit Card Reader Setup Information

You must have a "Card Present" account with, which is probably not the standard account type you may already have. We got one for testing it was only $20/month and a few pennies when you do more than 100 transactions.

Once that is setup, and you check the box to 'enable' in the settings, your payment form will default to credit card. Swipe the card in your reader with the cursor in the credit card number field.

MagTek Troubleshooting

If the light is green and nothing happens after you swipe the card, it's probably in "HID" mode instead of "KEYBOARD" mode. No problem! Just follow these steps to switch it back to keyboard mode.

  1. Download and install the USB Swipe and Insert Reader demo at:
  2. When prompted to install source code during the installation, choose no.
  3. Left click Start > MagTek > USBMSR Demo. (Or in the "Type here to search" field, type "usbmsr" and click USBMSR Demo.)
  4. Ensure your reader is plugged in. On the bottom of the program, It will say detected HID mode device.
  5. Ensure the Set Focus To Text After Command Response and Auto Add Length check boxes are checked.
  6. To the right of the "Send Msg" button, type 01 10 01
  7. Click the Send Msg button.
  8. Now erase what you just typed in that field.
  9. To reset the reader (so the changes take effect), type 02 in the same field.
  10. Click the Send Msg button.
  11. Now test in Notepad.

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