WorldPay Payments in RepairShopr



We used our processing volume to negotiate a special payments package with the largest payment processor in the world.  Worldpay has been a trusted payments leader for more than 40 years.

Whether you are a one-person show or a full-service repair shop with multiple locations, Worldpay can give you access to extremely competitive pricing without a contract, industry-leading technology so you can offer your customers a variety of payment options and a security bundle to help keep your business safe and secure.


Protecting your business

Without the proper security measures in place, it can take four times as long to identify a breach1.
Worldpay takes protecting your business and your customers’ data serious. Their comprehensive security solution, OmniShield Assure, comes standard with all merchant accounts and delivers:

  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and Tokenization protects data in transit and at rest

  • PCI Assist makes it easy for you to achieve PCI compliance

  • EMV protects against counterfeit card fraud, enabling chip card transactions

  • Breach Assist provides financial protection (up to $100K per store) in the event of a breach

Worldpay Terminal Solutions




Z11 Touch Screen
Contactless Terminals


Z9 3G/WiFi
Contactless Terminals


·        Dual Comm with EMV and NFC Contactless Built In

·        3.5” TFT LCD with PCT touch pad

·        192 MB of Memory   (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM)

·        PCI PTS certified

·        EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certified

·        Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass, American Express & JCB J/Speedy certified

·        32bits 400MHz high-speed microprocessor

·        Portable design with handset and base unit

·        Optional version dual comm & Wifi

·     Z9 Wireless 3G with EMV and NFC Contactless Built In 

·        3.5’’ Color LCD with Touchscreen

·        192 MB of Memory   (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM)

·       PCI PTS certified

·        EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certified

·      Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass, American Express & JCB J/Speedy certified

·       32bits 400MHz high-speed microprocessor

·        Portable design with optional handset and base unit



Once you are setup with Worldpay, all payment functionality in the app will work -- plus you can swipe in the iOS app!

RepairShopr’s  payments integration with Worldpay supports:

  • Card Swiping and keyed entry (manual typing of cards)

  • Storing cards for future use

  • Voids and refunds

  • Mobile App Swiping (keyed entry coming soon)

  • EMV

  • Apple Pay

To sign up with Worldpay sign in to your RepairShopr account and click on the Worldpay App Card. Check the box to use Worldpay and click on the Contact Worldpay link to fill out their contact form. Worldpay will reply as soon as they can with more information.



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