Square Integration for Mobile Apps - iOS/Android

We now integrate with Square Register so you don't have to double enter payments! Currently available to use with our iOS or Android Apps.

Watch the video below to see a step-by-step guide on how to use the Square + iOS/Android app integration.


  1. On the RepairShopr web application,in the Admin > Payment Methods, enter a payment method of "Square" with a type of "Other"
  2. Install the app and go to the Settings, Payments, and click Authorize with Square
  3. Be sure to use the same account that the phone has logged in currently to Square Register
  4. Navigate back to the mobile app
  5. Select the "Square Location" and Payment Method from the software to use for square register
  6. Now when you make a payment for an invoice you'll be able to select "Square" and it will use your Square app to charge the card

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