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RepairShopr Demos (Workflow videos)

 Introduction to RepairShopr

Welcome to RepairShopr! In this article, you'll go through RepairShopr's standard workflow through a Recorded Demos. To guide your onboarding process, we recommend you watch one video and then repeat what you learned in your RepairShopr account.


Creating Customers

Customers are the backbone to a lot of functionality in RepairShopr. You can start by importing your current database, or starting fresh. Once you have a Customer, you can create Tickets for repairs or sales, send Invoices and Estimates, and schedule Appointments for remote repairs.


Creating Tickets and using the Intake Form

Tickets are jobs that are tied to a Customer's record. In the Ticket, you can add/remove labor and parts, make internal notes for techs, and send the Customer status updates on their repair, from the beginning to completion. This will help get you started. There is so so much more!



If a repair requires a specific part that isn't in your current Inventory, you can create a Part order that attaches to a Ticket, including tracking numbers and additional notes.



After a repair is complete, you can convert the Ticket to an Invoice to take payment. A Ticket is not required to create an Invoice, but a Customer record is required for either.



If a Customer wants to review what a repair or sale will cost before committing, you can create an Estimate for them to approve in person, or through their Customer Portal.



Similar to Customers, you can bulk import your Inventory or start fresh. Once you populate your Inventory Items, you can add them to Tickets, Invoices, Estimates, or pull them up in POS.



Certain repairs will require a technician to visit a Customer's residence or business. You can set these up in the Field Jobs module.


Quick sales through POS

If you're selling an item from your floor and no Ticket or Invoice are needed, you can enable POS to quickly take payment.



Use our website integrations or in house Kiosk to capture Leads. When a Lead is captured, you can easily convert to a Customer, or Customer and Ticket.



Follow up with Customers with 14 or 90 day automated emails. You can also create your own custom campaigns.


Mobile Device Repair Widget

Have your Customers check in their own repairs, specifying device type and issue. Customize the devices and device type in Admin to fit your own shop.



Many of RepairShopr's default settings can be Customized to fit your needs. Visit the Admin section to make the necessary changes to accommodate your shop.


Support and Feedback

Browse our knowledge base, send us a note, or submit an idea whenever needed!


Feedback and Knowledge Base