Can I Create Recurring Invoices in RepairShopr?

Yes! There are a couple ways to create recurring invoices.

First, you can do it from the Invoice screen for a new invoice you're creating:

This will bring up the recurring invoice details screen where you can name your recurring template, choose frequency, start date, and other details:

This will then be added to your list of Recurring Invoices which can be found in Admin > Recurring Invoices:

Here you can manage your existing recurring billing, pause them, or update them:

When editing a recurring invoice, you will see a couple additional options. In particular Period Mode and Recurring Type:

Period Mode
There are two options: In Arrears and In Advance. Choosing In Arrears means that you are collecting for past work that has already been completed, whereas In Advance means that you are collecting funds for work that will be done in the future. Essentially, In Arrears translates to a billing period that is "the last 30 days" and In Advance translates to a billing period that is "the next 30 days".

To display the billing period on a recurring invoice, just add the tag {{billing_period_range}} in a line item description on that invoice like this:

When the recurring invoice is generated, this line item will look like this:

Recurring Type
There are two options: Recurring Invoice and General Subscription. Choosing Recurring Invoice will generate new invoices in intervals as defined in the Frequency dropdown. And General Subscription will create a new subscription. Full details about Subscriptions are in our article found here.

Looking to add miscellaneous charges to a single month's recurring invoice? See our video here.

And for more information on how to create a card on file, see our article here.

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