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Supported Hardware

This article covers what equipment, hardware, printers, and labels are supported in the software.

Table of Contents

Cash Drawers
Receipt Printers
Label Printers
Label Stickers
Barcode Scanner
Signature Pads
Credit Card Readers
HD Webcams
Other Accessories


Cash Drawers

  • Wasp 5E
  • Any cash drawer that has an auto-trigger that hooks into the receipt printer.


Receipt Printers

The above two printers are TSP100 variants. Read how to set up the Star TSP100 printer.

The TM-T88III and IV might work (they did not have all the settings needed to work with the deprecated Cloud Print), but we have not tested them. Some users have had success with Citizen receipt printers, but setup may take longer.


Label Printers

We have officially tested the below printers.

  • DYMO LabelWriter 450 — NOT the Turbo editions (they don't handle barcodes well)
  • Zebra LP2844 Thermal Label Printer — We do not link to this because Zebra discontinued it in 2012 and stopped supporting it in 2015. You may still be able to buy "renewed" (used or refurbished) models.
  • Zebra UPS Thermal 2442 — We found that the below label stickers and this driver work with it. This printer was also discontinued long ago.

While our software will most likely work with almost any label printer, we cannot guarantee that since we have not tested others. Please let us know if you get another printer to work so we can list it here. That is the next best thing to us testing and certifying that it works. Below are user-submitted printers.

  • Zebra ZSB-DP12 and DP14 Series Thermal Label Printer — Yay, a currently manufactured Zebra printer! (As of 10/18/2021, anyway.) A user successfully used the DP12 model with AutoPrinter. The two models are for labels up to 2" and 4" wide, respectively. Make sure to create an account with Zebra to download the proper drivers.


Label Stickers

The majority of labels in the system are sized for 1.125" x 3.5"

There are also specialized square labels used for printing special square inventory stickers.

  • Zebra/Zebra Compatible 1.25" x 1" direct thermal labels, 4" OD (outer diameter)


Barcode Scanners


Signature Pads

We have integrated with the Topaz products. You can use any Topaz Signature Pad as long as these requirements are met:

  • USB Physical interface
  • Supports SigWeb Plugin (NPAPI is no longer supported)
  • Signature Pads are only supported in Windows

If you'd like customers to see their signature on the pad while they're signing, choose an LCD model. One inexpensive LCD model is: Topaz Signature Lite 1x5 LCD T-L460-HSB-R.

Another option for capturing signatures is using our new POS Second Screen App available for iPads.


Credit Card Readers

For Worldpay users

iOS Mobile Card Reader (works with the iOS app)

ID Tech Shuttle Mobile Card Reader
Contact Worldpay to order via the Worldpay app card located in Admin > App Center.

EMV / Chip and Pin / Apple Pay / NFC Terminal

NOTE: As of January 30th, 2024, new Dejavoo terminals cannot be added to RepairShopr. Currently installed Dejavoo devices will continue to work as normal. No new card readers are currently supported.

Dejavoo Z11 (wired)
Dejavoo Z9 WIFI (wireless)
See our Worldpay Payments page for more details.
Contact Worldpay to order via the Worldpay app card located in Admin > App Center.


For Authorize.Net users

USB Card Reader for Desktop/Laptop

MagTek SureSwipe card reader (model 21040145)
We have verified that this works. However, the manufacturer discontinued it.

MagTek Dynamag card reader (model 21073062)
MagTek Dynamag card reader (model 21073145)
As of 2021-08-04, these are the USB KB models currently made by the manufacturer. While either of these should work, we have not tested either one, so use at your own risk. We encourage you to contact to inquire about their usability and if they need to be encrypted for use on their network. Let us know if you go with one of these and get them to work and we'll update this page.

If you are on a Mac, we've found that the MagTeks will occasionally require a one-time PC connection in order to switch the device into Keyboard Emulation mode.If you aren't able to successfully swipe a card number into TextEdit, see the MagTek troubleshooting. Otherwise, you will likely need to contact your supplier for steps on switching it to Keyboard Emulation mode. lists the ID Tech Augusta smart card reader, but we do not recommend it because it accepts EMV cards, which we do not support for


HD Webcams

This is for taking photos of equipment to attach to tickets or customers.


Other Accessories

POS Monitor Rotating Stand

Rotating stand to spin and show the customer

Fun Stuff

Ticket Status Traffic Light

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