Leads walkthrough


The Leads module is the place for inbound communication that is not associated directly to a ticket, estimate or invoice.

What it does

It funnels un-associated inbound traffic to a single place for you to read emails, to filter new customers, existing customer messages and tickets being sent to your Mailbox or from your website.

What it doesn't do

Cannot transition directly from Lead to Estimate (you must go from Lead to Ticket, then to Estimate).


The main page will show a list of all active Leads that are not (won or lost) by default. You have the option to filter by specific statuses or assigned techs.

Column Overview

Mailbox: This will show if the Lead was funneled from Mailbox traffic
Created: Shows the Lead creation date
Lead Details: This will show the Name of the customer. The link takes you to the Lead Details page (covered below).
Email: The email address that originated the Lead
Issue: Short blurb from the email/widget submission
Status: The Status of the Lead. Click to change the status from the premade selection (These are hard coded and cannot be changed).
Assignee: Shows tech assigned if applicable


Process: Begin reviewing Lead
Blue Button: Click to view Customer Details if the Lead is associated to an existing customer
Spam: Click this if the Lead is a Spam email. Going forward once clicked, anything from the associated email will have those Leads marked as Lost automatically. If you accidentally mark a lead as spam, here is how to unmark a lead as spam.
Delete: Banish the Lead to a Black Hole in the Andromeda galaxy. Like tossing something in to a Black Hole, there's no getting it back.

Lead Details

Customer/Attach this Lead to a Customer
This column will show the data parsed from the body of the email. RepairShopr currently uses phone number as the identifier and will try to match it with a customer in your database. If it finds a match, it will list the customer it found above the data from the Lead. You can choose to attach the Lead to that customer and create a ticket, or search for a different existing customer and attach it to that.

If the system matched the Lead to the wrong customer and they are in your database click the "Existing Customer" tab.

You can also optionally create a new customer from here by click the New Customer button.

Right Side Column
The right side column will show you the body of the email as well as any ticket details from online widgets if that is how the Lead was submitted. You have the option to create both the Customer and a Ticket for that customer at once if you don't want to create the customer from the left column or if the customer is in fact new.

Sales Funnel
You can use this tab to establish the value of the Lead and assign to a sales person or tech that is in charge of the new potential sale.

Schedule and view existing appointments for the Lead from here.

Attach files to a Lead and view them from here.

Start an email thread for the Lead here.

Merge a Lead with another existing Lead or ticket here.

Convert a Lead to a Customer Purchase.

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