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Inventory and Purchase order Issues and necessary update

Hey guys, a few issues we are experiencing:

Adding another button to the purchase order is necessary:

Add All Low Stock Items by this Vendor (not on a previous PO yet)

We place purchase orders before the previous one would arrive, so every time we have to manually remove the items on the new purchase order that are on the older purchase order that hasn't arrived yet.

Alphabetical sequence is necessary: The sequence of the items on the purchase order is mess at the moment. Also when I check in parts using the purchase order, every time when I check a part in, the sequence is changing. On a long list it's hard to find the parts when it changes it's position every time when I press a button (check a part in).
Ideally when there is a list, the system should maintain order of the items by alphabetical order.

When I'm trying to create an inventory item and I enter a UPC code that has already been taken, if it is already in use the system gives a few errors. This can cause problems when making new entries.

- It changes the setting from Retail Product or Service to Discount
- Deletes the values in the price fields below

Beside fixing these errors, I would also recommend that the system should be able to say that UPC code has already been taken when I'm typing the characters into that field. Similar to the search field.

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