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Session lock / PIN Login Suggestions

It is really nice to be able to have our RS session time out on just certain computers. Before the May 27 changes, we were using the "Custom JavaScript" Chrome extension and a short and sweet script to accomplish this.

This solution worked pretty well to remind our employees to switch users. For our application, it was nice that you could click out of the Switch User pop-up if you needed to, and it wouldn't lose your progress on anything.

After the update for the Switch User/Lock function, you now have to enter a PIN, and it locks all other open tabs. I can see where this would be nice. And I even originally wanted this feature. The problem is, after you enter your pin, it refreshes the page and you lose your progress. So if you were in the middle of typing anything, get distracted, and come back to a locked screen your data entry is gone and you have to start over. Very frustrating!

I have since disabled our auto logout. But this leads to having the wrong tech account attached to transactions sometimes.

My ideal solution:
1. Have the option to switch between the new and old lock features.

Additional/alternative awesome solutions:
2. RS doesn't refresh the page and lose everything when you enter your pin (I'm assuming this isn't a likely solution)
3. RS has a way of auto-saving a local or server-side draft of what you were working on, so that it remembers where you left off when you log back in and get back to your ticket or invoice.

We do have POS computers, but I don't use the POS module much because I don't like it's interface. For how we operate it is too limited in what it can do. I personally have really enjoyed and much prefer the "Custom JavaScript" solution for timed log-outs. Except for the current new data-loss feature.

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