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AutoPrintr is a printing system designed and built by us to work with our software. 


What it Does:

  • Automates your printing tasks

What it Doesn't do:

  • Does not work on Mac, Autoprintr is windows based
  • Should only be installed once per location 


Table of Contents Autoprintr

Download Autoprintr
Setup AutoPrintr
Troubleshooting Autoprintr



Download AutoPrintr

  You can download the latest version of Autoprintr here: AutoPrintr 2.0.25


Setup AutoPrintr

NB: AutoPrintr should be installed on one computer only.Installing on multiple machines will result in duplicate prints. 


To install, just download and run.

If you are on Windows 10 - you need to right-click and "run as administrator".
If you already had the service installed, you may need to stop it to install a newer version.
(start, run, services.msc - find autoprintr - hit stop)

Setup Instructions:

1. Once you run it, it will want you to login - use your regular user login

If this window does not pop up after installation, navigate to the system tray and left-click on the AutoPrintr icon and select login.

2. After logging in we recommend checking the "Add to Startup" and "Run the Service" checkboxes so that AutoPrintr starts up when the OS logs in.

3. On the Printers tab, you can choose which printer gets which document type - and how many

4. All done - now when you click print in the Web App, jobs will auto print to the right place!

You are able to access the Logs and Jobs at any time by clicking on the AutoPrintr icon in the system tray.


If you are having issues with Autoprintr please see our AutoPrintr Troubleshooting section below.


Google Cloud Print

Note: Our preferred printing solution for Windows users is AutoPrintr, a printing system designed and built by us to work with our software. 


What it does:

  • Helps you automate your printing tasks
  • Works on both Mac and PC, as long as you're running Google Chrome.

What it doesn't do:

  • Cant use this without Google Chrome
  • There can be a delay when using Google Cloud print.


Table of Contents Google Cloud Print

Setup Google Cloud Print



The app uses Google Cloud Print to make it easier to send print jobs to your local printers.

By setting up Cloud Print you can automate printing tasks, as well as have access to quick print buttons on your various documents.

Since this is browser-based, it works on both Mac and PC, as long as you're running Google Chrome.

We have broken this topic up into 3 sections.

  • Configuring your printers locally.
  • Syncing printers to your Chrome account.
  • Syncing your Chrome account.

Optional: Google allows you to run a Windows service to catch the print jobs instead of using your Chrome browser - if you are interested, you can try this once you're set up after following the steps below:

**If after this set up you have issues with Cloud Print, refer to the Google Cloud print Troubleshooting section below


Setup Google Cloud Print


1.Configure Printers Locally

Confirm that your supported printers are added locally and seen by your computer in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.

On a Mac, this is done in System Preferences > Printers.

2.Sync Printers to your Chrome Account

Create a Google Chrome account and sign in. If you have not done this before here is an article that goes over the steps involved. 

Note: Your Chrome account needs to match your Google sync account attached to our software, covered in step 7.

3. Go to Chrome > Settings > Search, and search for "print." Then click Manage:

4. Confirm that your printers are seen by Google, and then click 'Add Printers'.

5. Confirm the printers once again and click 'Add Printer(s)'. Your Google Cloud Print account is now set up!

6.Syncing Printers

Within Repairshopr go to Admin > Integrations > App Center and click the Google Cloud Print tile:



7. Click 'Authorize' and link your Google account with your account with us:



8. Confirm the account that our software is syncing to (should be the same as Chrome Account discussed in step 2)



9. After authorizing your Google account, click the 'Printers' button to be taken to your printers list:



10. You can now click into them to edit what they print, the QTY, and if they should print on triggers:


**If after this set up you have issues with Cloud Print, refer to the Troubleshooting section below


Receipts Printers



Table of contents Receipt Printers

Supported Receipt Printers
Types of Receipts in Repairshopr
Print Receipts Automatically
Print Receipts Locally
Installing Receipt Printers
Troubleshooting Receipt Printers



Supported Receipt Printers

The STAR TM-T88III and IV do not have all the settings needed to work with Cloud Print currently and so are not supported. Some users have had success with Citizen receipt printers, but setup may take longer.

Star TSP100 receipt printers have been successfully set up for some users using these settings



Types of Receipts

Ticket Receipts 


  • Ticket Receipts can be found by going to the Ticket > Select Print Icon (Top Right) > Ticket Receipt  
  • If you have google cloud print enabled, you can set the ticket receipt to print automatically at ticket creation so that you can give it to your customer right away
  • Barcodes on ticket receipts are system generated and identify each unique ticket. Scanning this barcode in the "Search All the Things" field will bring up the ticket page
  • Ticket receipts are not currently customizable


Payment Receipt


  • Payment Receipts can be found by going to a Payment and clicking on the PDF or Printer button on the receipt
  • If you have Google Cloud Print or Autoprintr enabled, you can set this to print automatically when payment is successfully accepted.
  • The barcodes on payment receipts are based on the customer phone number. 
  • Scanning this barcode into the "Search All the Things" or on the search box on the Customers page will bring up the individual customer page
  • Payment receipts are not currently customizable


Print Receipts Automatically

If you have Autoprintr or Google Cloud Print set up you can choose to have receipts print automatically when triggering events occur.


Print Receipts Locally

Ticket Receipts

Go to the Ticket > Click on the Printer Icon (top right) > Select Print Receipt



Payment Receipts:

You can manually print a Payment Receipt by going to the invoice Scrolling down to Payments section.

You can then select the payment and that will bring you this screen where you can print the receipt manually.



Installing Receipt Printers


Epson TM-T88V

1. Start by downloading the TM-T88V driver here.

2. Walkthrough the installation steps. Make sure you select the appropriate port:



Star TSP 100

Please note: We have had luck getting users' Star TSP100 printers set up in this way, but we haven't fully tested this yet with any other models of Star printers.


1. Download the driver here and follow the installation steps

2. Navigate to Control Panel > Devices and Printers and right-click on the Star TSP100 to reach "Printer Preferences"

3. Click on the Advanced button in the Layout tab 4. Select paper size 72mm X 200mm, and click Apply


We have recently discovered that you may be able to get your Star TSP100 printer to work with our software and Google Cloud Print by setting it up with the following settings:

"Top Crop" = 1400-1450, depending on your preference:

Paper = 72xReceipt length (Google Cloud Print default)
Advanced Printing Features = Disabled

Another Option:
"Friction Media" = letter (under device settings tab in printer properties)
Default Paper Size = 72x200 (under advanced settings tab in printer properties)

For information on setting up a cash drawer with this model of Star printer, check out this article.


Star TSP100 LAN

If you have the TSP 100 LAN, a user has provided the following advice:

"If anyone else asks about the Star TSP100 LAN, let them know they have to get the IP address of the receipt printer by powering the machine down, holding down the “feed” button, powering the device back on while holding the feed button for 5 seconds and then releasing. Once thats done, open system preferences, add printer, and enter the IP address. Drop down the menu bar for STAR TSP100 cutter as the setting. (This is for macs since I didnt find any info on the site)."


Troubleshooting Receipt Printers

Receipts print extra length/keep spooling:

AutoPrintr and Google Cloudprint does not have any kind of print settings and uses the defaults that your printer has, and so for this, you will have to modify your printer driver settings. 
At the 6:00 minute mark in the video below, there are steps for adjusting the gaps on your receipt. If these steps do not work, and you are using the Epson receipt printer, it could be that you have a newer Epson driver


Label Printers:


Table of Contents

Supported Hardware
Supported Label Types
Setting up the Zebra LP2844 Label Printer
Printing Labels with DYMO on a Mac



Supported Hardware

You can find a full list of all supported all hardware here 



Supported Label Types and Sizes:

The majority of labels in the system are sized for 1.125" x 3.5"

There are also specialized square labels used for printing special, square inventory stickers

  • Zebra - Zebra Compatible Direct Thermal Labels 1.25x1 4OD compatible


Setting up the Zebra LP2844 Label Printer

1. Download this driver on your Windows computer

2. Run the .exe file

3. When you're asked to specify the printer model, choose "Eltron LP2844"

4. Confirm that it's showing up at Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers


5. Right-click on the Zebra to edit its properties. Select the "Port" tabs. Select USB001 if it's not already selected.



6. Right-click on the Zebra again to edit its preferences Select a 1"x3" paper size Select the "landscape" orientation



7. You are now ready to print labels!

8. Make sure that when you print to the Zebra using the windows print dialog that the paper size selected is also 1x3



Printing Labels with DYMO on a Mac

This article uses Star TSP100 receipt printer as the example but works for DYMO 450 (non-turbo) as well.

Neither Safari nor Chrome provides an option to allow you to set a default printer and paper size. So to work around it, follow the instruction below.
  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Go to File Menu > Page Setup.
  3. Select format for your receipt printer.
  4. Set the paper size to 72x2000mm or the size appropriate for your labels.
  5. Select Save as Default in the Settings drop-down menu.
  6. Click Ok.

**Customer Support is not responsible for making sure this process works. This workaround has been provided because OSX doesn't allow you to change printer settings within the operating system. We suggest using printers within a Windows environment so you can configure the settings at the operating system level. 


AutoPrintr Troubleshooting:

Please note: AutoPrintr should be installed only once per location.


The First step in Troubleshooting would be to check you are running the latest version of Autoprintr.

You can download the latest version by following this link


Frequently Asked Questions and fixes:


Cash Drawer will not open

The “Pop Drawer” button does not pop the cash drawer

Service keeps crashing/Eternal 'Please Wait' spinner

Receipts print extra length/keep spooling

Labels print rotated/sized incorrectly

Steps for Clean Install


Cash Drawer will not open:

First, open up your Control Panel and navigate to Devices and Printers, then right-click on your receipt printer and select "Printer Properties".
(Please note the following screenshots work for the Epson TM-T88V but the same steps, in general, should work on any receipt printer)

In the pop-up window, click on

1. "Preferences", then in the next pop-up window click on the

2. "Peripherals" tab at the top, then make sure your Cash Drawer is set up properly like

3. in the image below:


You'll want to press "Operation" check and ensure that your cash drawer opens at this time.

Next, you'll want to Apply all of that and then go back to the first "Printer Properties" pop-up window.


Instead of clicking on "Preferences" like we did last time, we're going to click on the

1. "Advanced" tab, then go down to

2. "Printing Defaults", and from then on

3. and 4. will be exactly the same as the first time we adjusted the cash drawer settings, shown here: 



Please make sure that both of the cash drawer settings in both the "Preferences" area as well as the "Printing Defaults" area are the same.

Once that's all set up, Apply it all and then set up your printer in AutoPrintr if you haven't already and print a receipt.


The “Pop Drawer” button does not pop the cash drawer:

If the drawer pops when you print a receipt but does not pop when you click on the “Pop Drawer” button on the POS tab, you will have to configure your register in RepairShopr as well as AutoPrintr.

To do this, first confirm that you are assigned to the proper Register in the software by navigating to:

User Menu (your email address in the far top-right corner) > Change Register and selecting the proper Register.

Once that’s done you can select the same Register in AutoPrintr underneath the receipt printer using the “Register” drop-down at the bottom, shown here:

If you do not see your Register in that drop-down area, you may need to log out of AutoPrintr, close the program, and then re-start it by right-clicking on the icon and selecting “Run as Administrator”.

Then login and check to make sure the Register is included in the drop-down menu.


Service keeps crashing/Eternal 'Please Wait' spinner:

1. Closeout of AutoPrintr by right-clicking the icon on the taskbar and selecting "Exit".
2. Navigate to: C:\ProgramData\AutoPrintr and right-click on that folder, then select "Properties"
3. Once the "Properties" window is open, click on Security > Edit > Users > Allow > Apply, as shown here:
4. Reboot and test AutoPrintr


Labels print rotated/sized incorrectly:

AutoPrintr uses your printer driver settings to adjust the size and orientation of the labels, so adjusting the settings will be the first step.
In Windows you can navigate to Control Panel > Devices and Printers to get to your printer, then right-click. 

You may also want to try a complete re-installation of your printer driver if you cannot find the proper sizing/orientation settings.
Starting off with a clean installation of your printer driver and AutoPrintr will be the best way to begin troubleshooting as you'll be starting off with a clean slate 

Window 10 blocking Autoprinter

Error "An administrator has blocked you from running this app. AutoPrintr.Service.exe"

This error is commonly seen on older unsigned versions of Autoprintr.

To fix this we recommend downloading the latest version of Autoprintr and doing a clean install, making sure to run the install application as an Administrator. You can find instructions on doing a clean install here

If you are still seeing this error after a clean install please have a look at this article on how to remove the block, by adding an exemption to the application in Windows 10.


Steps for clean re-install:

If nothing you try is working, or your installation does not match these descriptions, please try the clean re-install steps below. Performing a clean re-install will wipe out your previous installations and install a brand new copy of AutoPrintr, which can help with troubleshooting any issues you may be having. The steps are as follows:

1. Stop the service by opening up your start menu and typing "Services", then hitting enter. You should see the Windows Services menu with a list of all of the services currently on Windows. Find the "AutoPrintr Service" option and right-click it, then select "Stop" from the list. If it is already stopped or you don't see the service, then you can continue on.
Otherwise, make sure the service is stopped before continuing.

2. Uninstall AutoPrintr via the Windows "Control Panel > Uninstall a Program" option. Find AutoPrintr in the list of installed programs and uninstall it as you normally would.

3. Remove any remaining files (important!) by opening up your start menu and typing "run", then hitting enter so the "Run" dialog box pops up. Type "%programdata%" (without the quotation marks) in the"Run" box and hit enter. A file explorer window will open up with a list of folders. Find the "AutoPrintr" folder and delete it. If there is no "AutoPrintr" folder shown, then make sure you are searching this directory: C:\ProgramData. If you are in that directory and you still cannot find the AutoPrintr folder, then you can continue on.

4. Reboot your computer (important!)

5. Download the newest version of AutoPrintr by navigating to this link and clicking the download link:

6. Run the installation file by navigating to where it downloaded, right-clicking and selecting "Run as Administrator".

7. If you have a strict anti-virus or web filter, now is the time to create an exception for the AutoPrintr program, or you can temporarily turn it off. You'll want to create exceptions for two files named "AutoPrintr.exe" and "AutoPrintr.Service.exe", both usually found in: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\RepairShopr\AutoPrintr.

8. Start AutoPrintr. Log in and test configuring your printers as well as printing from the software.


Google Cloud print Troubleshooting


Frequently Asked Questions:


My tickets/invoices/labels were printing and stopped!

My Labels are printing small/crooked/funny

Printing size wrong

PDF's are printing blanks

My printing is slow

My Receipts Have Extra Paper at the Beginning/End

Trouble getting the cash drawer to pop



My tickets/invoices/labels were printing and stopped!

The computer you did the setup on needs Chrome to remain authorized to google cloud print for the connection from the cloud to your printer to be active.

Sometimes you just need to open Chrome, visit, and you will get asked to login. If you weren't logged in, chances are, it will fire off the print jobs at this time.

If you were signed in, and the printer still shows jobs queuing, reboot the computer - this happens every few weeks. If you wait to deal with it for a few days, you are going to have hundreds of items in your queue and they will all print at the same time.

My Labels are printing small/crooked/funny

As you know, printing can be strange. The printer will have settings, Windows has "Printer Preferences", and then we add Google Cloud Print on top of that - it can be tricky to get the settings just right.

Thankfully, most of the time the defaults 'just work'.

When they don't... Here is a good way to do some of the basic troubleshooting;

  1. Go to a customer detail page, in Chrome, and click the barcode label to view the PDF in Chrome
  2. Hover on it, and click print, or hit ctrl+p
  3. In Chrome, there are multiple categories of printers, 'Recent Destinations', 'Local Destinations', and 'Cloud Print' - be sure to manually select the one you want while troubleshooting
  4. Pick the Cloud Print destination that isn't coming out correctly, and hit print.
  5. Try Landscape and Portrait.



If it's the wrong size entirely, the print driver probably thinks the paper is the wrong size/shape

  1. Close the browser
  2. Go to Windows, Control Panel, Printers, right-click your printer and get to "Print Preferences"
  3. Try adjusting the orientation, paper size, quality (try 300x300 dpi rather than the highest quality)- anything that looks like it might affect it
  4. After each individual change, open the browser, go to that customer record and PDF, and send a test job
  5. If you can't get this to print correctly, get TeamViewer or a remote screen share program running and contact us with a time and information to do a screen share with you so we can help you out!

These steps are bypassing RepairShopr entirely and just using Chrome and Google Cloud Print to narrow down the issue. If you get the print job to work through cloud print, chances are, it's going to work in RepairShopr because that is exactly how we send the print job to Google.

In our testing, we have run into this a couple of different times, and adjusting just the quality a couple of times has actually fixed it - which is strange - but it worked.

If you absolutely can't get Google Cloud Print to work, no problem, just open the PDF's and hit print to keep business flowing. We haven't seen this cause too much trouble yet, it's worth a little work to take that step of printing out your workflow!


My PDFs are printing blanks

We've heard a few reports of this happening.
It seems to be an issue with how the Chrome browser is handling PDFs.
You can confirm this by saving the PDF to your desktop and seeing whether it prints correctly from the saved file.
If it prints correctly from the saved file, then there are a couple of possible solutions:
- Go to chrome://plugins/ and disable the "Chrome PDF Viewer" to make Adobe Acrobat handle the PDFs instead of Chrome.
- Try using “ctrl+shift+p”, to print using the system dialogue instead of the chrome dialogue
- If you have 32-bit chrome installed, you could uninstall that and reinstall the 64-bit version. link here: 

My printing is slow

Try installing the Google Cloud Print service for Windows.



Trouble getting the cash drawer to pop:

With our setup this is 100% controlled by the printer, your drawer should be plugged into the receipt printer - and there should be a setting like this:




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