Customer Settings

Customer Settings:

Turn on SMS by default:
Enables SMS for each customer by default.

Enable Multiple Contacts on Customers: Allows you to have one umbrella Customer, with several points of contact within it the larger Customer record. For example if you are working with a company with several locations/store owners, you can add each one to that same company's Customer Record.
List for tracking Referred By: Lets you edit the referral source options when you create a new Customer Record. If you want to track referrals by existing customers, just enter "Customer" as one of the options and a drop down will appear when you are adding referral sources for new customers.  

Always Send Portal Invitations to new customers: This will send Customer Portal invitations to all New Customers that are created in your account.

Enable the Prepay Hours tracking feature:
Allows you to sell and apply pre-payed or block hours to a Customer. Refer to this article to learn more.

Enable a Wiki Page link for each customer: This enables the wiki feature for all customers. You can read more about that in this article.

Disable the address autocomplete: Will disable the auto complete for addresses.

Optionally, require these fields when creating a Customer: Sets requirements for certain info fields when you create a Customer.

* Note:
If you have SMS enabled by default, and do not require either a phone number or a mobile number, mobile number will appear automatically in the new customer screen.

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