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Edit Email Templates
Appointment Types
All Day Appointments
Automatic Trip Charges
Buffer Time
Appointment Reminders 


You can create appointments that will :

  • Show in the Calendar tab
  • Sync to your Google Calendars
  • Send appointment confirmation emails to customers/contacts

You can find the New Appointment button on the Customer Detail page or the Calendar link on the main link bar.

Just fill out the short form;

To edit the message that get's emailed to the customer, head to Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates, then find the following two Appointments Emails:

You can view your entire list of Appointments from the user menu as well

That list looks like this

They show up on the calendar like other items already do:

If you have sync enabled for your account, when your appointments are created they will show up on your Google Calendar as well.

You can view a fullscreen view of the Calendar by going to 

Note: The calendar integration does provide a 2-way sync (if enabled). 

Appointment Types

Appointment Types can be used to differentiate between -for example- Onsite, In-Shop, Phone Call, Web Meeting, etc. They will automatically select the appropriate address/note for the "Location" field in your calendar, and they can also drive custom instructions to be sent to your customer. You can set buffer time for different types and even trip charges that get automatically applied to tickets.

To view the bootstrapped types on new accounts or to create your own, head to Admin > Appointment Types.

On the next screen you can see the existing Appointment Types for edit or create your own.

When you click edit or create your own, there are several optional fields to choose from.

Automatic Trip Charges

On the Appointment Type edit screen, there is a field where you can search your inventory to select the product that would be auto applied to a ticket as the trip charge.

NOTE: The Automatic Trip Charge will only get applied if the appointment is created from an existing ticket.



All-Day Appointments

You can select an entire day quickly by checking the All Day Appointments box when creating an Appointment. The start date and end date will default for the full day you are creating the appointment, but can be change to encompass more days or different days entirely.


Buffer Time

You can also optionally add buffer timing between appointments to avoid them from overlapping on eachother.

Each appointment type has an optional "Instructions" text that can be modified by you to provide detailed instructions based on the appointment type.

For example, you could describe how and where to park, or send meeting information for zoom/gotomeeting/etc.

This text will be incorporated into the "Ticket Appointment Email" or "Non-Ticket Appointments Email" template wherever you insert the {{appointment_instructions}} tag.

Appointment Reminders 

Head to Admin > Appointment Reminder Schedules to start.

On the next screen you will see a list of active reminder schedules. Click the New button to create a new schedule.

You will be presented with options around when reminders should be sent out. There is also an option for sending SMS reminders (and setting a custom SMS template).


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