WorldPay (Formerly Vantiv) Payments in RepairShopr

Who and What

WorldPay (formerly Vantiv), the third largest processors in the United States. They specialize in software integrations like ours, and rely on distribution through Point of Sale software collaborations. They have geared their offering to be ultra-competitive for what we are trying to provide to our users because of this business model alignment

Technical Details


With this integration we will finally be providing a fully encrypted end to end solution. In all of our credit card integrations we never store any credit card information, but with Mercury, the encryption happens on the card readers themselves and we only pass fully encrypted data to Mercury. This is the most secure way to do online credit card processing.

Worldpay Terminal Solutions

EnvironmentNameCard Type(s)Interface(s)Estimated PriceLink
Windows/MacMagtek USB card readerMagnetic SwipeUSB$70.00Contact WorldPay to order:
Table Top TerminalDejavoo Z11 (wired)

Magnetic Swipe, EMV(Chip), Apple PayEthernet$299.00Contact WorldPay to order:

Table Top TerminalDejavoo Z9 WIFI (wireless)

Magnetic Swipe, EMV(Chip), Apple PayWiFi$380.00Contact WorldPay to order:

***Note: You Need to Specify WorldPay (Vantiv) as the Key When Ordering the Mobile Card Swiper***
**Note: You cannot use the Magtek and the Dejavoo on the same credentials, you have to choose one or the other**

iOS Card Swiper Encryption

***Note 2: If you already have a reader you are using with someone other than WorldPay, you cannot use it. They have to be keyed from the distributor. ***

What is Supported

Once you are setup with WorldPay, all payment functionality in the app will work -- plus you can swipe in the iOS app!

We support:
  • Card Swiping and keyed entry (manual typing of cards)
  • Storing cards for future use
  • Voids and Refunds
  • Mobile App Swiping (keyed entry coming soon)
  • EMV 
  • Apple Pay 

Offer Details

Vantiv, now Worldpay Payments in RepairShopr

Contact: Ben Bachman / 970-335-4474 /

Whether you are just starting out or a full service repair shop with multiple locations, Worldpay
gives you access to extremely competitive pricing without a contract, industry-leading technology so
you can offer your customers a variety of payment options and a security bundle to help keep your
business safe and secure.

Without the proper security measures in place, it can take four times as long to identify a breach.
At Worldpay, because we take protecting your business and your customers’ data serious, our
comprehensive security solution, OmniShield Assure, comes standard with all merchant accounts
and delivers:

• Point-to- Point Encryption (P2PE) and Tokenization protects data in transit and at rest
• PCI Assist makes it easy for you to achieve PCI compliance
• EMV protects against counterfeit card fraud, enabling chip card transactions
• Breach Assist provides financial protection (up to $100K per store) in the event of a breach

They used to offer a special "flat rate" in the past but it became unmanageable for them and now they offer a rate based on your volume. Get a quote and see how it looks for your business.

The signup link will be available to you within the App Center if the offer is available to you. It is for Account payers in USA.

Technical Setup Documentation Here

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