Leads Settings

Enable Leads Module: Allows you and your team to use the Leads Module. The Leads Module is crucial if you intend on using the Mobile Device Repair Widget.

Enable Lead Auto response Email: When a Lead is generated a automatic response will be sent back to the customer. You can edit the template by navigating to Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates > Lead Auto Response.

Leads converting to Ticket should trigger Print Jobs:  When enabled will send a print job when a Lead is converted to a ticket. 

Inbound Emails to Leads Should Parse for Phone Numbers:

When enabled this will cause the system to search the body of all inbound emails to Leads for phone numbers and compare any found number to all of the existing phone numbers for your Customers in the system. If there is no match to a phone number already in the system, a new Customer is created using the 'from' email address, name, and the found phone number. If there is a match, the Lead will be assigned to the existing Customer in the system.

By default this option is turned off as it can cause issues when multiple different email addresses have the same phone number in their emails (such as in signatures, contact info, etc). If all of your incoming emails to Leads can be safely considered to contain unique phone numbers, this option can be turned on to provide additional data for the system to organize new Leads. 

New Lead Notification Email Address: This email will be alerted when a new lead is generated.  

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