SMS - Details, Instructions, Templates, Communication

Cost Structure

SMS Messages are sent through Twilio by default (our built in provider), or you can choose to buy a clickatell account and send through your own account.

If you use the default setup, it "just works" - and we include some SMS credits for you to use every month.

Here is the included quantity with each plan - this is subject to change without notice based on pricing and availability!
  • Hobbyist: 3 per month
  • Starter: 25 per month
  • Repair Shop: 200 per month
  • Big Chain: 1000 per month

If you go over, or want to buy more credits, head to the addons page inside your account to buy more - we sell addon packages of 2500 credits for our cost. Head to Admin, "Buy Credits/Addons" to see details.

What Sends and When

If SMS is ENABLED for a customer, they will get these messages: 

If SMS is enabled, the Initial Problem SMS will be sent upon ticket creation.

In addition, your customer will receive the custom SMS messages your write in the ticket update box:

SMS will not be enabled unless there is a phone number that is categorized as a "mobile" phone on the customer record.

Note that you do need to include the message in both the email and the SMS field for it to be sent in these cases.

If you'd like to customize the SMS messages sent with ticket update triggers, go to Admin > PDF/Email Templates > SMS Templates.

Furthermore, if a customer has more than one open ticket at a time, we cannot guarantee that the SMS customer reply will attach to the proper ticket.

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