Can I create a Deposit in RepairShopr?

Yes!   You can enable the feature in Admin > Invoice Preferences and add Deposit items to your Inventory to start collecting these with ease.

There is a Take Deposit button on the ticket, that with just a click creates an invoice and triggers a credit to show up on the following invoice you make for that customer.

Here is a screenshot tour;

1. Click the new Take Deposit button


2. The first time you'll need to create an Inventory item like so;


3. Then that Take Deposit button will ask you to select which Deposit amount/name you want to charge them;


4. Accept the money, then you'll see on the Ticket - Charges a pending credit for the deposit amount


5. Next time you make an invoice from this Ticket, that Deposit credit will automatically show as a line item - just as expected


We also have Variable Amount Deposits - just setup a Deposit product with the price set to 0.00

Then on the Take Deposit screen, you can key in any amount you want:

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