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Setting up your QuickBooks Integration (Start Here)

Functionality in our Online and Desktop QuickBooks Integrations

Functionality QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Desktop
Live Updates - updates sent immediately Yes No*
One-time export of all Customers to QB Yes Yes
Import Customers from QB at initial setup Yes Yes
Sub-Customer Support (They map as real customers in RepairShopr, not sub-customers) Yes Yes
Sync Customer records when an invoice is updated and synced Yes Yes
Sync Customer records when a customer is updated ** No No
Sync Customer Contacts No No
Automatically sync customer databases both ways (QB <--> RepairShopr) No No
Sync Invoices when updated Yes Yes
Sync Invoices to RepairShopr when updated in QB No No
Sync Invoices with $0 totals Yes No
Void/delete Invoices in QB when deleted in RepairShopr Yes Yes
Sync Refund Invoices *** No No
Sync Payments Yes Yes
Sync Payments from QB to RepairShopr Yes No
Sync Overpayments (a Payment greater than the Invoice amount) Yes Yes
Sync Partial Payments (multiple Payments to complete an Invoice) Yes Yes
Sync Split Payments (one Payment applied to multiple Invoices) from RepairShopr to QB
Yes Yes
Sync Split Payments (one Payment applied to multiple Invoices) from QB to RepairShopr No No
After moving a Payment in QB from one Invoice to another, sync the change to RepairShopr No No
Sync Store Credit as Credit Memo Yes Yes
Sync Credit Memos in QB back to RepairShopr No No
Sync Purchase Orders and Bills Yes No
Sync Purchase Order shipping, notes and tax No No
Create Purchase Order Bills when PO is marked finished in RepairShopr Yes No
One-time export of all Products to QB Yes No
Sync Products (as items) when a Product is created and added to an invoice
Sync Products (as items) when a Product is updated Yes No
Sync inventory quantity on Stock Takes No No
Sync Categories No No
Sync Customer Purchases Yes No
Tax Groups support for complex tax configurations Yes No
Update creation and payment dates upon clicking "Force Update" button Yes Unknown
Works with Intuit Merchant Services No No
Sync RepairShopr Location to QB "Class" Yes No

* They sync when the QB Web Connector automatically runs or when you manually run it.
** Any new customers or updates made to a customer will not sync until there is an invoice of theirs to sync. If you simply want to update a customer without creating an invoice, you will need to make the changes yourself in both RepairShopr and QB.
*** Invoices with refunds need to be adjusted manually in QB.

This is not a two-way sync. The only exception is payments in QuickBooks Online—the setting must be checked to enable.

 All Sync features refer to syncing from Syncro to QuickBooks unless otherwise noted.

Get Started

Important: Have your QB account properly configured by a bookkeeper/accountant before syncing with RepairShopr. Make sure there are no errors or bad/incomplete data. This includes things like:

  • Chart of accounts set up so we can link invoices to accounts
  • Payment methods
  • Tax Rates
  • Customer list and product list cleaned up and organized

Not having QB properly configured before syncing will cause long term issues that can be difficult to reconcile. If you have any errors, or any bad/incomplete data in QB, resolve them before setting up the sync. If you are setting up your QB account for the first time, have a bookkeeper/accountant set it up before syncing with RepairShopr. If you do have any errors in QB, contact Intuit to resolve them before syncing with RepairShopr.

After confirming that your QB account is properly set up and working smoothly:

Set Up QuickBooks Online

Set Up QuickBooks Desktop

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