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Mobile Defenders Integration

We are proud to unveil our new Mobile Defenders Parts electronic ordering integration! 

Our integration will enable "direct checkout" so you can easily purchase inventory in a Purchase Order from your account.

What it Does

  • Direct checkout using checkout wizard within a Purchase Order 

What it Doesn't Do

  • Currently we don't have a one-click setup of their catalog and SKUs, but this is coming very soon - we will notify everyone once it's ready.

How to Use It

First - find the Mobile Defenders "app card" from our App Center (If you don't see it, don't worry, you will when it's released to everyone).

Just enter your Mobile Defenders username and password and hit save.

Then, go to your "Vendors" page and make sure you have one called "Mobile Defenders".

NOTE: You'll need your vendor name to match exactly to "Mobile Defenders" for this integration.

Once those are all set, when you are looking at an open PO for Mobile Defenders - you'll see this:

When you add your Mobile Defenders product, you can then go through the entire purchase right from the Purchase Order, shown below:

Setup Inventory

If you aren't already using vendor SKU's on products, this is a requirement for the electronic ordering.

Adding SKUs to your products means when you email a PO to that vendor, their internal numbering will show up for the products so you can always get the exact right item.

In your account on the Product Edit screen, the SKU is located here:

Any products that have these SKUs on them should be able to work with the electronic order processing.

To find the SKU for a product, check the Mobile Defenders website and the SKU will be located under any item.  

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